Dionis Ceban - webfundament.com, Moldova

These are individuals who have created numerous proven scam websites! There is no proof that these persons are scammers themselves, though they may be, just that they build or host scam websites.
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Dionis Ceban - webfundament.com, Moldova


Unread post by Garrett » Mon Oct 04, 2021 6:39 am

webfundament.com a.k.a. Dionis Ceban dioartis@yahoo.com serving this list of advance fee frauds, Pet Scams, Fake Job Scams, Non-Delivery Scams, Fake Document Scams, Pharma Scams, Fake Shipping, Coronavirus Scams like Breathfreemask.com, even fake USA Government website gov-dea.org
The majority of these setup for scammer gangs from Cameroon operating from various countries.

Details on these scammers==>: http://stop419scams.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=125

http://www.gov-dea.org (Fake DEA Website)
DNS data
TTL: 86400
Serial number: 2019121200
Primary master: ns11.webfundament.com.
Zone admin: dukekennel@gmail.com
TTL: 86400
Servers: ns12.webfundament.com and ns11.webfundament.com
Canonical name: gov-dea.org.
https://www.dea.gov/press-releases/2021 ... a-agents-0
DEA Warning: Scammers Impersonating DEA Agents

these scams served by webfundament are like a cancer infecting the web, and being exposed on various anti-fraud websites in an attempt to warn victims. Here's a small sample:

https://scam.directory/note/ns11-webfun ... ament-com/

https://scam.directory/note/ns3-webfund ... ament-com/

https://www.malwareurl.com/ns_listing.p ... 99.252.199


https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewt ... 6&p=325215

https://puppyscam.com/chihuahuas/premiu ... am-review/

https://scam.directory/misc-delivery-sc ... emask-com/
Breathfreemask.com is a scam website in a coronavirus scam.

an example of how these fake websites are used, this one targetting victims in South Africa:
https://www.jobin.co.za/buy-driver-s-li ... 61658.html
We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in manufacturing forged passports
and other identity doents, the best producers of quality fake doents. With
more than 10 million doents circulating in the world.
We offer only original high qualities of true-false passport, driver
driving, ID cards, stamps, birth certificates, international fake diplomas
Purchase fake and real passport id cards drivers license
IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills
Buy real US/EU/UK/Canadian passport SSN, dl, ID card, VISA
Buy Authentic USA Green Cards Resident Permit Drivers License ID Cards
Obtener certificados IELTS, TOEFL,GMAT, GRE, TOEIC
website (( www.ultimatedocuments4u.com ))
Contact email (( jamesbradlydo@gmail.com ))
Here's a "Partial" list of those we could track down...
SCAM 420medicalkush.com
SCAM aaronmaltesepuppy.com
SCAM adorablegermanrottweillerpuppies.com
SCAM aerotranservices.com
SCAM affluentpupspetshome.com
SCAM amazinghealthhomecare.com
SCAM amazinghomecareny.com
SCAM auslovepupshome.com
SCAM bestcostsuppliers
SCAM bestdeepweb.com
SCAM bluelinkscooperation.com
SCAM breathfreemask.com
SCAM brighthousefrenchies.com
SCAM buyfakebillsinspain.com
SCAM california420vipkingshop.com
SCAM canabisdispensaryhome.com
SCAM dachshundpupsforsale.com
SCAM darkwebdocuments.com
SCAM defensetacticshop.com
SCAM deluxbulls.com
SCAM dominionpoodles.com
SCAM dominionpups.com
SCAM doodlerescuesanctuary.com
SCAM drugscain.biz
SCAM dynamite-pro.com
SCAM elisonfrenchies.com
SCAM emperialcargologistics.com
SCAM exoticcartsandweed.com
SCAM exoticdachshund.com
SCAM exoticsweetpupshome.com
SCAM furrottiehome.com
SCAM fursamoyedhome
SCAM getpassportsanddocsonline.com
SCAM globalautologist.com
SCAM globalshippinglogisticexpress.com
SCAM gov-dea.org
SCAM greenfielddachshund.com
SCAM gulflogisticsfreightservice.com
SCAM gultigedokumente.com
SCAM gunsonlineshop.com
SCAM harveyteacupyorkies.com
SCAM havenlyhavenesehome.com
SCAM homeofbassethound.com
SCAM hyperdocumentation.com
SCAM ikryptwallet.com
SCAM integritysolacefondle.com
SCAM jackrussellterrierpupshome.com
SCAM jbhuntlogistics.com
SCAM jeslysavannahkittens.com
SCAM jkpapers.com
SCAM kalisparrots.com
SCAM kellyexotickittens.com
SCAM keystonemaltese.com
SCAM keystonesamoyed.com
SCAM kimberlyrottweilerpuppies.com
SCAM larrysbulldogs.com
SCAM lenahavanesepuppies.com
SCAM lifecompanionminidachshund.com
SCAM loyalcavs.com
SCAM luxurypetcourier.com
SCAM mahis.online
SCAM mannpembrokewelshcorgi.com
SCAM marvypoodles.com
SCAM matrixfirearms.com
SCAM menamotorsint.com
SCAM narcotraders.biz
SCAM noveltydocumentationexpress.com
SCAM oceanicretrievers.com
SCAM parkerpoodle.com
SCAM pembrokewelshcorgifamily.com
SCAM pembrokewelshcorgilover.com
SCAM pembrokewelshcorgilovers.com
SCAM pets444homes.com
SCAM pharmahghs.com
SCAM plasikdigamiio.com
SCAM platinumcavalierkingcharleshome.com
SCAM podporo.com
SCAM powerball.agency
SCAM premiumchihuahuahome.com
SCAM purechihuahuahome.com
SCAM reliablepugs.com
SCAM rickysshihtzupuppies.com
SCAM rietjensdeurne.com
SCAM rkagriculturalanimals.com
SCAM rklogisticservice.com
SCAM romanoengbulls.com
SCAM roverbassethoundpuppies.com
SCAM royalgiftpharmacy.com
SCAM sadia-brf.com
SCAM safewaypetcourrier.com
SCAM salmaglobalsolution4u.com
SCAM securepetdeliveryservice.com
SCAM sefacgroup.com
SCAM skyhighdrugs
SCAM socializedcavskingcharleshome.com
SCAM spotlightstaffordshire.com
SCAM strongroids.com
SCAM stunningmaltesepupshome.com
SCAM supermaxstore
SCAM topmalteseandmix.com
SCAM toppugshome.com
SCAM transvalglobal.com
SCAM turbobulldogs.com
SCAM ultimatedocuments4u.com
SCAM usrescuefund.com
SCAM validdocumentation-com
SCAM vennantrading.com
SCAM vennhealthstore.com
SCAM vitexexpressdelivery.com
SCAM winstonmaltesepuppies.com

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Re: Dionis Ceban - webfundament.com, Moldova


Unread post by Garrett » Wed Oct 06, 2021 11:36 am

webfundament.com / Dionis Ceban also serving This criminal (below) operating from Germany with gultigedokumente.com advertising fake passports, firearms and doing the black money scam.
We have identified hundreds of those criminals living in Europe Asia and America.
Detail s==> http://stop419scams.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=125
https://www.facebook. com/schwarzmarkteuropa/
Schwarzmarkt Deutschland
+49 1577 5921379 / +4915217163031
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March 5, 2020
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+4915217163031 is an anonymous mobile from Vodafone GmbH / MVNO Lycamobile Germany, and +4915775921379 from E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG
Black market Germany
December 1, 2020
We offer automatic machines with our technicians to do the big tasks
Preservation work in customer countries and cleaning of black notes. WEATHER
Also specializes in chemistry for anti-breeze bank notes. We also make chemicals that melt and restore all kinds of **** money from black to white (colored money). Frosting agent and prepared de-icing fluids, SSD solution. Vectrol paste, Tebi-Magnetic solution, made unrecognizable
Currency, cleaning chemical. Dark currency, black coated banknotes,
Cleaning of black money, vectrol paste, SSD solution, super automatic
Solution, anti-breeze banknotes, black marked currency, black coated banknotes,
Powder cleaning Activate black money. We use chemical nano technology to
Store a large amount of currency in a form of disfiguration. We also give home
Kits with manual instructions that you can test your own products
Cleaning on a small scale.

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Re: Dionis Ceban - webfundament.com, Moldova


Unread post by Garrett » Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:11 am

SCAM acecollies.com
SCAM adjouteacuppupies.com
SCAM ammunitionstocks.com
SCAM cannabiogreenjoint.com
SCAM clancyhillweapons.com
SCAM craigshihtzu.com
SCAM genericpharmacyshop.com
SCAM homeraisedcollies.com
SCAM jungleboyspacks.com
SCAM lauracarepupshome.com
SCAM lunacavapoos.com
SCAM murphyfrenchies.com
SCAM nickpatrickcavoodlepuppies.com
SCAM pupscarehome.com
SCAM rooneyfrenchies.com
SCAM roweshavanesepuppies.com
SCAM tradedistributions.shop
SCAM trans-atlanticdelivery.com

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