423 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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423 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Sun Oct 02, 2022 9:08 am

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, Romance Scam, etc.

[b]The names appearing along side the domains are those of the scammer behind the fraud or the webmaster who's responsible for the fraudulent domain/website.
Details:[/b] viewforum.php?f=73

SCAM 247globaltradelimitedcompany.com
SCAM 2ndtrustcargoshipping.com (calson babz)
SCAM 365toro.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM 420calibud.com
SCAM 420canacure.com
SCAM 420exoticsandcatridges.com
SCAM 420herbsstore.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM aaronay.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM adorabledachshundpups.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM adorableparrot.com
SCAM aeropetsinternational.net (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM aibtminerspty.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM airwing24.com
SCAM aktaregistreradsvensklicens.se (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM alexdocumentation.com
SCAM alfaprom-tankfarm.com
SCAM alktradingllc.com +49 1522 2425634 +4915222425634
SCAM allianceeletronics.com
SCAM allyibconline.com
SCAM anabolicspharmacy.net (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM andyskennel.com
SCAM apextransatlanticlogistics.com
SCAM artinmotorsltd.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM astellconstruction.co.nz
SCAM atlaspetstransport.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM australianfakenotes.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM australianshepherdshomes.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM authenticfakenotes.com
SCAM automobilespartsonline.com
SCAM autopartswarehouseltd.com (calson babz)
SCAM avktankfarm.com +31684635337
SCAM bancopostaitalien.com
SCAM barclysen.com
SCAM belgianmalinoispupshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM belgiummalinoishome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM bellairyorkiepuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM berkscountycu.com
SCAM bernedoodlebreedershome.com
SCAM bestdeliveryagency.com
SCAM bestmonkeybreeds.com
SCAM bestoffshoresfinancials.com
SCAM besttouchhotel.com 310-437-2766 (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM betadeliveryservices.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM bethfordgroupminerals.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM bigchiefscarts.com
SCAM biggpharma.com
SCAM bonniedogwestie.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM brazzilpoultryexporters.com
SCAM breedcockersandcross.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM brfoilsales.com +310685470198
SCAM bulabullterriers.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM buyantleronline.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM buycompanionparrot.com
SCAM buylsdblotter.com
SCAM buyscorpionvenom.com
SCAM buysmartbudsonline.com
SCAM cadda.org
SCAM cannaexoticvapes.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM capuchinbreedershome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM cavalierkingcharlespuppiesforhome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM cavalierkingcharlespuppieshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM cavalierkingcharlesspanielgarden.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM cavapoopuponline.com
SCAM cavapoopupsonline.dog
SCAM cavyandskinnyguineapics.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM cgmcmatracking.com chi evarestus ndeh +1 (719) 679-6345
SCAM choupiragdollkitten.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM christophersparrotfarm.com
SCAM classicchemicalslab.com
SCAM classicchemicalslab.com +91 85 2772 0793
SCAM comfortcontainers.com +1(213)761–7267 +15593705753
SCAM comprarcartadeconduciao.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM continentalshippers-ltd.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM corgipethomes.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM correos-eu.com
SCAM correos-eu.net
SCAM counterfeitbillstore.com
SCAM counterfeitbucks.com
SCAM counterfeitnoteshub.com
SCAM cryptominerslimited.live
SCAM cryptoprorigs.com
SCAM cryptosstake.com
SCAM cryptotradeoptions.us
SCAM cutesmallbreedpuppies.com
SCAM cycthaipapercompanyltd.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM daaratubatrade.com +27218136379 +441233281049 +40373781713
SCAM dachshundpuppylovers.com
SCAM dachshundpupslove.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM dailymarijuanashop.com
SCAM dalubullterriers.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM davidcartermaltipoos.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM davidkingsolicitors.com +17642409698 764-240-9698
SCAM deerantlershop.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM deereglobaltradecontainers.com +1(213)761–7267 +1.508.817.1128
SCAM deliveryposteservice.com
SCAM diskreetapotek.com
SCAM dominantretrieverbreeders.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM dreamsocceracademy.com
SCAM dreamsocceracademy.org
SCAM dttradecompany.com +27218136379 +441233281049 +40373781713
SCAM dynamicparrotsgarden.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM dzheng-solicitors.com
SCAM eib-group.org
SCAM elegancehavanese.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM elegancemaltipoo.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM elitetradecfx.com
SCAM ellegantminschnauzerandcross.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM emeraldsagriculture.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM enricohotels.com +447418373260 (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM evacockapoopuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM evergreennetworkexpress.com
SCAM evergreenshipping.org
SCAM evergreenshipping.org +1 (415) 295-6371 chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM exchanger-rates-gov.us
SCAM exoticdobermanpups.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM expressdiscreetshipping.com
SCAM expressimmigrantdocuments247.info (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM expresslogisticshub.com
SCAM expressmondialrelay.com
SCAM expresswaysshippings.com
SCAM extragasdispensary.com 720-442-9397chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM f1goldenirishsetterpuppiesforfamilies.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM faitcurrencyconsultant.com
SCAM fakebillslegacy.com
SCAM fakemoneynote.com
SCAM fastertrade.online (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM fastexpressparcel.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM fastprodocuments.com
SCAM fawndiamondfrenchies.net (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM fdfrenchiepuppies.net (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM ferrexporters.com +1 312 614 5695, +380987788638
SCAM fincen-usa.org
SCAM findresearchchemical.com
SCAM firearms22.com
SCAM firearmslegacy.com
SCAM firstflightexpress.com
SCAM fluffycheappomskyhome.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM forevercuteminidoxies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM forevergorgeousdoxies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM freemanmachineries.com +48 (732) 121-319 +48732121319
SCAM frenchbullypaws.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM fssd-imf.org
SCAM fullfledgeilluminati.com
SCAM fxcoincrypto.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM gadgetworldhome.com
SCAM galaxyjournals.com
SCAM geoexpresshipping.com
SCAM germanrottiepuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM gld-intel.com
SCAM globalcryptosystemtrade.com
SCAM globalfakenotes.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM globaloptionfx.com aug 02, 2022
SCAM globalrelocationexpress.com
SCAM globalshippingsline.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM goldendeliveryservice.com
SCAM goldgoldenretriverbreeders.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM golfcartsforsalenearby.com
SCAM goteborgs-huvudapotek.com
SCAM gov-ae.org
SCAM govtechfinicial.com
SCAM grandexpresslogistics.com
SCAM greenearthcars.com +1 254-658-2564 chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM greenhealingshop.com
SCAM greenland420market.com
SCAM greenlifepharmcacy.com
SCAM greenwoodtrustfinance.com +44 7537 170762
SCAM groupocarklarglobaltradingltd.com +254 731 964253 +254731964253
SCAM guarantycapitalb.com
SCAM guarantycapitalbank.com
SCAM guarantycapitalinc.com
SCAM gulfprometricgateway.com
SCAM happypawsa.com
SCAM happypawscatahoulapupieshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM happypawspomeranianpuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM happytailsmovers.info (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM hawklinelogistics.com
SCAM heritageusps.org (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM hhsquickgrant.us +1(971)251-0124
SCAM holdingkarl.com
SCAM hookahsandflavours.com
SCAM horsepharmaceuticals.com
SCAM hsmcae.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM humboldtfarmseeds.com (calson babz)
SCAM iescrowservices.com
SCAM illuminati-am.com
SCAM illuminati-money.com
SCAM illuminati-worldpower.com
SCAM illuminati666.org
SCAM illuminati666nation.com
SCAM illuminatiamaymon.com
SCAM illuminatibaphometofficial.com
SCAM illuminatibogdanov.com
SCAM illuminatibrotherhood666.org
SCAM illuminatifame.com
SCAM illuminatilifechange.com
SCAM illuminatilifepact.com
SCAM illuminatilifewealth.com
SCAM illuminatimembersportal.com
SCAM illuminatinewworlds.com
SCAM illuminatingbrotherhood.com (calson babz)
SCAM illuminatiofficia.com
SCAM illuminatiofficialnwo.com
SCAM illuminatioficial.com
SCAM illuminatipeople.com
SCAM illuminatiprestige.com
SCAM illuminatirichrose.com
SCAM illuminatiso.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM illuminatisupremeorder666join.com
SCAM imperialfreightforwarders.com
SCAM intercontinentallogisticsmovers.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM internationalcargoshippingagency.com
SCAM interpaygov.org
SCAM irs-international.org
SCAM ivanholtconstruction.com
SCAM ivoilrefinery.ru +79850618496
SCAM jackdogbreeders.com
SCAM jackrussellhomes.com
SCAM jdlogisticscourier.com
SCAM jefterwillspoultryfarm.com
SCAM jellybeanpoultryfarm.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM joinilluminati-nwo.org
SCAM joinilluminati-official.com
SCAM joinilluminati-society.com
SCAM joinilluminatibloodline.com
SCAM joinilluminatimasons.com
SCAM joinilluminatinetwork.com
SCAM joinilluminatiofficialtoday.com
SCAM joinilluminatipower.com
SCAM joinilluminatirichlife.com
SCAM joinilluminatiworld.org
SCAM kaufenosdgoethe.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM kaufenosdgoethetesdaf.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM kieskallc.com +447733601404
SCAM kingsmailing.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM kiyaviacargollc.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM kusapuppiessa.com
SCAM kushforlifedispensary.com
SCAM kvalitetapotek.com
SCAM labradorretrieverpupshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM laege-medicin.com
SCAM laegemedicin.com
SCAM lamaisondubouledoguefrancais.com
SCAM lapharmacyonline.com "cedric ngwa che-azeh"
SCAM legitexoticonlineshop.com
SCAM legitkushdispensary.shop (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM letisbesthousedesign.com
SCAM lexihavanesepuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM liberalhealthcompany.com
SCAM licenseportals.com
SCAM lievelingsdachshunds.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM lightwaveexpress.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM linuxtravels.com +971528228916
SCAM losungapotheke.com
SCAM ltdoandain-vest.com +(415) 237-1598
SCAM lvmachines.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM macawparrotgarden.com (calson babz)
SCAM maerrskline.com
SCAM maersktracking.com +1 626 642 8768 chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM mainecoonkittsparadise.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM malisalab.com
SCAM maltipoopupshomes.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM mariepoodleshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM masonskennel.com
SCAM maxemilcavaliers.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM maxsharpeihomes.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM mcburneycattery.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM mckayfinancegroup.com
SCAM mecurymining.com
SCAM mecurymining.com +1(971)251-0124
SCAM medicin-uden-recept.com
SCAM medicinudonrecept.com
SCAM meds-forsyninger.com
SCAM medsforsyninger.com
SCAM metaforextraders.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM methodepuppylove.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM millenumhotels.com +971524508701 abdul-afees akewusola
SCAM mininghardwarehub.com
SCAM miningrigsociety.com
SCAM mmszmedicinab.com
SCAM monateoil.com +32465485751 +44 1224928534
SCAM moneyadds.com
SCAM monmoutharmsllc.com
SCAM monmoutharmsshop.com
SCAM morkiepupsparadise.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM mycrushgoldendoodles.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM myewheelshop.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM nabcavaliershome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM nanixxs.com
SCAM nathanpoodleshome.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM nathanteacupyorkieshome.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM nbtonlineplc.com
SCAM ndetek.com
SCAM nordeuropeshipping.com
SCAM obriengreatdaneshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM oceanindustrys.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM oceanwealthdefi.com
SCAM officeofpresidencygh.com
SCAM oilenagroup.com +447733601404
SCAM oilsandflourmill.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM oneclicktransportandlogistics.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM onetravelsuk.com
SCAM onlinepsychedelichub.com
SCAM ontraclogistcis.com
SCAM ophirrefinery.com +231555239229
SCAM ordertopsmokesonline.com
SCAM originalsvensklicens.se (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM outboardmotos.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM oxpoodlehome.info (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM ozonedrillingcompany.com
SCAM pacificgoldtraders.org
SCAM pappagalliparrots.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM paradisebichonfrisepuppies.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM paradisecockerspanielpups.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM paradiseyorkiespuppies.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM parcelhublogistics.com
SCAM pbgermanrotts.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM peacefulgunshoptraders.com
SCAM pestconafrica.com "cedric ngwa che-azeh"
SCAM petsitterscare.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM petstoyshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM pharmacieconfiance.com
SCAM pomspuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM pontentflowerlab.com
SCAM preciouscavyhome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM pressurehousedispensary.com
SCAM priimeads.com
SCAM privancredit.com
SCAM psychedelics24-7.com
SCAM psychedelicshopcart.com
SCAM psychedelicshubshop.com
SCAM psychedelicspillsshop.com
SCAM qualitymedspharmacy.com
SCAM qualitysaddleshome.com
SCAM qualitysunfloweroilsupplies.com +255763999932
SCAM qualitytripresort.com
SCAM quickline.express
SCAM quicklinelogistics.com
SCAM ratosgroupab.com
SCAM realfakemoney.com
SCAM rennetmotors.com +1 (951) 215-6434
SCAM revisado80s.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM risingmainecoonkittens.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM romacoons.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM royal-expressdelivery.com
SCAM royalparrotshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM royalprecisiondelivery.com
SCAM rxextracts.org
SCAM safe-gov-cn.org
SCAM santanderfinancials.com
SCAM sba-grant.org
SCAM sba-intl.com
SCAM scandinavialines.com
SCAM scotiafinanceltd.com
SCAM sharjahinternationallimited.com +255763999932
SCAM shippingcontainerglobal.com
SCAM simoncoonkittencattery.com "cedric ngwa che-azeh"
SCAM skimyedshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM smartdocss.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM smoothmoodlepuppieshome.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM solidarmss.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM sonyplaystationshop.com
SCAM spark2drop.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM splitinvestments.com +33753919516 (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM springglobalinvestmentcomany.com +1 409-753-7204
SCAM springglobalz.com +1 409-753-7204
SCAM standardglobalcrystal.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM starmaltipoopuppies.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM stegosaurus-offshore.com
SCAM sterlingsoffshore.com
SCAM stunningsamoyedpupshome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM superiorequineshire.com
SCAM swaginsneakers.com
SCAM takorgodson.dev
SCAM tamashacoltd.com
SCAM tesodoxiehome.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM thc-cannabisentures.com
SCAM the-urainewar.com
SCAM tiger-ammunition.com
SCAM topgradefakemoney.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM topmarijuanadispensary.com
SCAM toppsychedelics.com
SCAM topqualitymedicine.com
SCAM tramadol-lakare.com
SCAM tramadollakare.com
SCAM transitsandglobaldelivery.com
SCAM translogisticmaritime.com
SCAM trippyhallucinogens.com
SCAM ttradefoods.com +44 1233281049
SCAM ttrradecompany.com
SCAM ttrradecompany.com +441233281049
SCAM ukroyalcollegedocuments247.info (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM umsdae.com +971524508701 abdul-afees akewusola
SCAM unemploymentsgrant.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM uniteddeliverypost.com
SCAM uniteddeliverypress.com
SCAM universalecontainers.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM universalfishfarm.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM unpredictabledocuments.com
SCAM ups-courier.net
SCAM usammunitions.com
SCAM uspsfastshipping.com
SCAM uspspremiumfod.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM utd-delivery.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM validlegaldocuments.com
SCAM valuevaleinvestment.com +85261210159 (anonymous mobile)
SCAM vap-international.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM vapeapotek.com
SCAM vapemateruniverse.com chi evarestus ndeh
SCAM vegetableoilexport.com
SCAM venusfxtrading.us
SCAM verifiedglobalcertificates.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM vintagefinestcigars.online (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM voldports.com
SCAM weaponarymetals.com
SCAM willowtonsuppliersptyltd.com
SCAM wingatesinvestment.com
SCAM wiresfinance.com (abdul-afees akewusola)
SCAM wndirectusa.com
SCAM wonderlandbudzdispensary.com
SCAM worldwidefakenote.com (fobusi terrence fru)
SCAM yanlingresearchchemicallab.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM yerevsamoyeds.com (Cornelle kacy / Ngoh Tessy Tang)
SCAM zenusshipment.com

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