451 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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451 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Mon Jan 09, 2023 8:04 am

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, Romance Scam, etc.

SCAM 247hashratebroker.com +1 (405) 459-7254
SCAM 62mobile.com (fidelis adamu)
SCAM a-tashanilawoffice.com
SCAM absacustomersuk.com
SCAM accesswayexpress.com
SCAM aceglobalogistics.com
SCAM acllogisticscompany.com (907) 283-6173
SCAM aekkhlachonticha.com +66 61 107 2906 +66611072906
SCAM agroprogeneralsuppliersllc.com
SCAM aigfederal.com
SCAM akfinonline.com
SCAM alantictankstorage.com
SCAM alizayingold.com
SCAM allfinuks.com
SCAM alnajiboilconst.com +971556423758 +971557856543
SCAM altahnungenhosp.com (job scam) +971 5 2477 9750
SCAM altaiksllc.com.ua
SCAM amaxionline.com
SCAM americaworldwide-delivery.com
SCAM anchoragesecuritygroup.com
SCAM anti-terrorismdepartment.org
SCAM aogs-me.com +971557720406 (job scam)
SCAM apexfxcryptomaxtrading.xyz
SCAM apexlogistics.online
SCAM apoilbv.nl
SCAM aramaco.net (russian oil scam)
SCAM arbitrage-vip.com
SCAM ardlogiedrillingltd.com +447441444891
SCAM arkline.us
SCAM atlanticparceltrans.com
SCAM atlaspetroleums-ae.com (job scam)
SCAM atlaspetroleums.com +971558901946 (job scam)
SCAM australiabuds.com
SCAM azzezcryptoinvestment.com
SCAM bakobox.com +1-(307) 274 8002
SCAM bancoespmadrid.com
SCAM barrenness spell caster +256783573282
SCAM baruchfinancing.com
SCAM bdmocompany.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM beaglepuppiesforadoption.com
SCAM bigzinternationalshipping.com
SCAM bitcoinoptionfxtrade.com
SCAM bixitrade.com
SCAM bj-waero.org
SCAM blockchainminers.org
SCAM blockchainminestar.com
SCAM bmlogisticsdispatch.com+44-324-345-67
SCAM bmoore-logistics.com
SCAM bnfkqb.online
SCAM bnpparisbasbank.com
SCAM bonhotessw.com
SCAM brfhumanitariangroup.org
SCAM broerentransportgroup.com
SCAM bullinvestzone.com
SCAM cacustom.online +524448186433
SCAM caluaniechemicalsllc.com
SCAM camcapitals.com
SCAM camgermantimber.com +4915145099363
SCAM capitalsgatefx.trade
SCAM cargoexpresslogisticsltd.com
SCAM carlosfamilypuppies.com
SCAM case spells caster +256702530886
SCAM cc-idt.online
SCAM centralaapoteket.com
SCAM centufirst.online
SCAM chalb-online.com
SCAM charityhopefoundation.org +237672803480 +1-915-233-9049
SCAM chaselogistix.com
SCAM citibankgroups.com (tanto nfor)
SCAM citnk.com
SCAM coastalcapitalb.online
SCAM coinbearsfx.com
SCAM cointectrade.com
SCAM cointradezones.com
SCAM conexpresslogistics.com
SCAM coolraytravels.com +971552386815 (job scam)
SCAM counterfeitmoneyproduction.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM courierpluxexpress.com
SCAM creedlogistics.com
SCAM cryptolegalfx.com
SCAM cryptoxtreme.net
SCAM crystalfinancialcreditunoin.com
SCAM csc-idt.online
SCAM ctf-finances.com
SCAM customizeddogchains.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM cycoiningxchangeblockminner.com
SCAM dahilalcapitalinvest.com
SCAM danmorrisonspharmacy.com
SCAM dav-e.com
SCAM davbermining.com
SCAM dedsaves.com
SCAM deltawayoils.com +971528767216 (job scam)
SCAM dhlexpressuae.com +971522264643
SCAM diamondmedicalweed.com - angelous acheayang nzegung
SCAM diamondsavings.online
SCAM disnake.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM dpvlogistics.com
SCAM eagleswiftdeliveryservices.com
SCAM easterneuropeancb.com
SCAM easyfreightlogistic.com
SCAM easyfundinv.com
SCAM easyminning.com
SCAM ecommprofitstores.com
SCAM edogtreadmills.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM efastfw.com +1 ?(937) 964-5394 +44-324-345-67
SCAM eforafricaproductsltd.com +254738059146 +254789166516
SCAM elite-xchangez.com
SCAM elitegloblogistics.com
SCAM emeraldcapitalbank.com
SCAM enoc-drilling.org (job scam)
SCAM enocdrilling.org (job scam)
SCAM enocdrillings.com (job scam)
SCAM epmconstructioncompany.com
SCAM escrow-ng.com +2347031484949 fidelis adamu
SCAM esteemstandardcorps.com
SCAM excelcargologistics.com
SCAM excellentlogistics.net
SCAM expertcoininvestment.com
SCAM expertmarketstrading.com 786-926-9064
SCAM express-partners.com
SCAM expresscoinfinance.com
SCAM expressgunstore.com 6093801642
SCAM expresswaymaildelivery.com
SCAM fairpricey.com +1 (307) 274 8002 (angelous acheayang)
SCAM fasexpressdelivery.com
SCAM fastexpresstravels.com +971528908436 (job scam)
SCAM fastlimitlogistics.org
SCAM fastship2drop.com
SCAM faststreamempire.com
SCAM fbi-officials.com
SCAM federalfundingapplications.org
SCAM fidelityprivate.com
SCAM financematriz.com
SCAM financeoptionz.net
SCAM firegaurd-uk.com
SCAM firstguarantytrust.com
SCAM firstyumaj.com
SCAM flexstradingllc.com +1 (213) 985-7682
SCAM fmpholdingsllc.com 44 7519 755095
SCAM folicreserves.com
SCAM forexemporium.com
SCAM foxtradebroker.com +1 (405) 459-7254
SCAM frederickwilliamslawfirm.com
SCAM fredriikgillerannaapeli.online +1 5129826650 (romance scam)
SCAM freecitizb-online.com
SCAM fslprojectmgt.com +971529297206
SCAM furpomeranianpuppies.com
SCAM futureskylogistics.com+44-324-345-67
SCAM fxbittradings.com
SCAM fxopenasset.com
SCAM fxprominingtrade.com
SCAM fxswiftminners.com
SCAM gc-intc.com
SCAM georangersengineering.com (job scam)
SCAM getrealdocuments.com
SCAM globalinvestmentconsotium.com
SCAM globwoodservicegmbh.com
SCAM gmuea.com +971567217845 +971567217000
SCAM goexpressdeliveryint.com
SCAM goldenstallions.com
SCAM gongrandinternationallogistics.com
SCAM gs-xtracking.com
SCAM guaranteetradeinvestment.com
SCAM gunpalor.com 6093801642
SCAM gunsatlantic.com ricardoparker90 (954) 900-8529
SCAM harrisonhallhospitalltd.com +447441444891 +447418347337
SCAM hcbworldwide.com
SCAM healthredempharma.com
SCAM heritagebplc.com
SCAM hubmonkeys.com
SCAM ib-socialcu.online
SCAM ibaplc.com
SCAM ictsdeliverycompany.com
SCAM iescrowservices.com
SCAM illuminatiorganization666.com
SCAM illuminatisynergy.com
SCAM impactiveforex.com
SCAM inflatablebouncycastlesworld.com
SCAM inflatablebouncycastlesworld.com
SCAM instantjetdeliveryex.com
SCAM insulinprime.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM intercfb.online
SCAM internationalshippingexpress.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM investstockfx.com
SCAM ivcoinex.ltd
SCAM jetransltd.com
SCAM joekenfoods.com
SCAM kaz-pet.com +74952032291 (russian oil scam)
SCAM kennienorrisrose.online +1 (520) 222-8430 (romance scam)
SCAM kennykaylogistics.com
SCAM kucoin-rx.com
SCAM kvilogistix.online
SCAM latralexpress.com
SCAM lavtrade-fx.com
SCAM lawfirminuae.com
SCAM leadcourierservices.com +44-324-345-67
SCAM lennoxxoptiontrade.com
SCAM libertydarksales.com +34630519238 cannahempsource@gmail.com
SCAM limpetservices.com +971523944598
SCAM linconfinanceltd.com
SCAM linopetrol.com +971556822973 hr.kashifgroup@gmail.com
SCAM liviapay.com
SCAM mabrukoil.biz
SCAM majestytransportation.com (angelous acheayang)
SCAM majestyxpress.com (angelous acheayang)
SCAM mama makula +256704813095 (spell caster scam)
SCAM mamtech-ae.com +971588233474
SCAM martfrieightlogistic.com
SCAM martinmaeassociates.com +447725602930 (fake law firm)
SCAM maximo-profit.com
SCAM meiscoae.net +971567217845
SCAM meloxfinance.org
SCAM meridianexpresscourier.com
SCAM merrypetsdeliveryservice.com
SCAM metroexpresscourier.com
SCAM metromedicenter.com +971523944598
SCAM micropetminiaturecattle.com
SCAM midirectmailbinance.com
SCAM milanoshippinglogistics.com
SCAM millennialfrontltd.com
SCAM minifxexperttrading.com
SCAM minin-gov.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi) (gold scam)
SCAM mnamatselesasupplies.com +27657321733/+27832977116
SCAM molvoshipping.com
SCAM montecristoentltd.com +254776642997 james mainga
SCAM morechristmasteacupyorkiemorkiepuppies.com
SCAM msfleavedept.com (romance scam)
SCAM mufgunion.com
SCAM mycargoexpedite.com
SCAM naazgeneraltrading.com +254707239059
SCAM naaztrade.com +1 719 999 1005
SCAM nagawalleet.com
SCAM namaftrandcoltd.com +255769477397 / +255684946013
SCAM nancyresearchchemical.com
SCAM nasaiharvestlimited.com
SCAM nasaiharvestltd.com
SCAM natgetlogistic.com
SCAM nationtruist.com
SCAM nauruautospares.com
SCAM nauruautospares.com +27731279878
SCAM newtinypachristmassteacuppuppies.com
SCAM nexepro.com
SCAM ngoultralogistics.com
SCAM nordangliaeducations.com +971582039855
SCAM nordshipping.ru
SCAM oceanfreightlog.com
SCAM oceanictrusts.com
SCAM oceanlogisticsltd.com
SCAM ocenkingexport.com +254784247704
SCAM ocenkingexportcoltd.com
SCAM offshore-logistic.us
SCAM offshoreae.com mohammedazizi.uae@hotmail.com
SCAM oils-supply.com
SCAM oilssupply.com
SCAM ojcagroholdingsltd.com
SCAM ojcagroholdingsltd.com +254 785 873649 +255 785 873649
SCAM onetrustaccess.com
SCAM onlineisecure.com
SCAM onlinetcf.com
SCAM onlineunicreditb.com
SCAM operaflytravels.com +971552457604
SCAM orianahospitalae.org (job scam)
SCAM otisimeditrade.com
SCAM otisinterfoods.com
SCAM otisipharmed.com
SCAM otisipharmedsupply.com
SCAM otispharmacare.com
SCAM ourparrotsworld.com
SCAM oventradefinance.com
SCAM pacificflt.com
SCAM pacosranchsa.com
SCAM panudachwangnuwon.com +66 61 107 2906 +66611072906 james mainga
SCAM paradisepuppiesfarm.com
SCAM parincoint.com +34603414237 +34603417361
SCAM passpopay.com
SCAM pdpparceldelivery.biz
SCAM pedalexpresscompany.com
SCAM pelletlaurence.com
SCAM pelletsdonana.com
SCAM peoplestrustbankal.com
SCAM pepsikittenshome.com
SCAM pills-pharmacy.com
SCAM pillspackonlinepharmacy.com
SCAM pinbalflippers.com
SCAM pinballstork.com
SCAM pinballtradingllc.com
SCAM pirayainternationallimited.com
SCAM planetarypinballs.com
SCAM platinumcreditb.us
SCAM platinumwallex.com
SCAM plumasholdings.com
SCAM pomerleautender.bio
SCAM pomerleautender.com
SCAM poskyhuskypups.com
SCAM potandbuds.com
SCAM preautospares.com +27836634700
SCAM prebulldogs.com
SCAM prembulldogs.com
SCAM premiumcargocarrier.com
SCAM primemonkeys.com (fopa innocent & eric chimi)
SCAM primtradex.com
SCAM probankscurrency.com
SCAM profitgiverstrade.com
SCAM profitsfx.online
SCAM pronghorndelivery.com
SCAM prudenceoilandgas.com +971528863170 (job scam)
SCAM psbconlineservice.com
SCAM quickcargoexpressltd.com
SCAM ralleyhaysales.com
SCAM ramochemicals.com
SCAM rascam-insurance.com
SCAM rawinvestmentlimited.com
SCAM rbkinvestmentgroup.com (702) 602-2121
SCAM rbsgfinservices.com
SCAM readyautospares.com +27 678736810
SCAM realinvesttradings.com
SCAM recoverypaymentunit.com
SCAM regionbhk.com
SCAM regionbkk.com
SCAM reptileenclossure.com
SCAM ricancyoilltd.com
SCAM richardaspenconstruction.com (job scam)
SCAM rickelproductslimited.com
SCAM ridgestonemgt.com
SCAM rigcorpltd.com +353892482492
SCAM rinempireinvestmentltd.com
SCAM rollingcargos.com
SCAM ronarigroupltd.com +254 784 497 563 +254784497563
SCAM ronariholdingslimited.com
SCAM royalglobalogistics.online
SCAM royalmailscourierservice.com
SCAM royalxpressservice.com
SCAM rsalogisticsltd.com
SCAM s36enl.com
SCAM saintmartinhospitals.com
SCAM saintpeterburg-seu.com +9710523944598
SCAM sakingsautospares.com
SCAM sakingsautospares.com +27657321733
SCAM sandalwoodtrustcu.com
SCAM sareroholdingbv.com
SCAM savannalogisticscourier.com
SCAM scootbank.com
SCAM scraftltd.com
SCAM scrumtradingcoltd.com
SCAM sealinkslogisticslines.com
SCAM seapal-csc.com
SCAM sebaciabv.com
SCAM securesfix.info
SCAM sgautosom.com +27318135792 +27640633034
SCAM sharmaparadise.com
SCAM shineelectronicsplc.com +1(708) 406 5961
SCAM shinpaperltd.com
SCAM sifaxgloballogistics.com (908)520-5963 +380 9739 21415
SCAM silvertradeinvestment.com
SCAM sinvestmentsltd.com
SCAM siripronjantacoltd.com
SCAM skyblueglobalservices.com
SCAM skyexp-courier.com
SCAM skyexpresscargos.com
SCAM skylinkshippingexpress.com +44 51 524 1455
SCAM skyreconminners.com
SCAM smartcll.com
SCAM sonecgroupltd.com +237678690086
SCAM specgulf-ae.com +971586145990 (job scam)
SCAM speedexpresscourierservice.com
SCAM speednetcouriers.com
SCAM speedyoutboards.com
SCAM speloholdingbv.com
SCAM spinexpress.world
SCAM sportyartsbv.com
SCAM srhandelsug.com
SCAM stackgeneralgroupcoltd.com
SCAM stackhay.com
SCAM stallonfinancial.com
SCAM standardreservefinancial.com
SCAM statesidexpress.online
SCAM steadyhays.com
SCAM stockfinexltd.com
SCAM sublimetrust.com
SCAM subseaenergy-uae.com +971528909118 (job scam)
SCAM sunantakasanuchltd.com
SCAM sunantakasanuchltd.com +66 61 107 2906 +66611072906
SCAM superelectronicgadgets.com +1 (512) 553-8506
SCAM surefxminners.com
SCAM suvarnabhumiltd.com +254 757 588 968/+27 83 634 2007
SCAM swift-globals.com
SCAM swift-lance.com
SCAM swiftagroglobal.com
SCAM swiftlinkcourier.express
SCAM swiftlogistico.com
SCAM swiftlogistics.delivery
SCAM swiftmetalsltd.com
SCAM swiftmetalsltd.com +254738059146 +254789166516 james mainga
SCAM tamfulawfirm.com
SCAM tankogroup.com +255743802277 +255692884568
SCAM technospeedglobal.com +33762598526 +33601903189 +447424058368
SCAM thairiceindustryltd.com
SCAM thcdisposablevapesandcarts.com
SCAM theilluminatiofficialnetwork.com
SCAM theplug95.com
SCAM theprodocuplug.com
SCAM thesuper-store.com +1 (409) 943-3881
SCAM thevickingsconstruction.online 210-646-1977 (job scam)
SCAM timbermatspzoo.com
SCAM timfesslaw.com +1 306 805 9987
SCAM tinypawschihuahuahome.com
SCAM toptanbuyukistanbul.com
SCAM toptanbuyukltd.com +254 762 904 580
SCAM trackwayslogisticservices.com
SCAM tranetinvest.com +1 425-606-2957
SCAM transglobalcouriers.com
SCAM trapasitolonen.com
SCAM trasnetbullionlogistics.com
SCAM tricapitalinb.com
SCAM truongtztradingcoltd.com
SCAM trustvult.com
SCAM trustwestweb.com
SCAM ult-toysautomobiles.com +17702999797
SCAM ultimate-cou.com
SCAM ultimateexpressdelivery.com
SCAM unitedbnkofamerica.com
SCAM unitedexpresssparcels.com
SCAM unlimitedminnings.com
SCAM usamilitarygovwelfaredpt.com
SCAM usmilitarydeptwelfare.com (romance scam)
SCAM uspspm.com
SCAM valleyhayfarm.com
SCAM veritablecounterfeitbanknotes.com
SCAM vertigocoltd.com
SCAM vimardconstruction.com
SCAM virginihotels.com
SCAM voyageshiftexpress.com
SCAM wade-sa.com +541139894039 +1 (512) 553-8506
SCAM wamedo.org
SCAM watchdogsecnetltd.com
SCAM wellcityfinance.com
SCAM west-garamondgroup.com +447520616462 (job scam)
SCAM westernaccessplc.com
SCAM whizztradingltd.com
SCAM wichaivongsongcoltd.com
SCAM williamgeary.com
SCAM wilymorkieyorkiehome.com
SCAM wooddpelltd.com
SCAM worldcontinentalexp.com
SCAM worldxpresscargoservices.com
SCAM wsfsbk.online
SCAM xprominnerinc.com
SCAM zapatrading.com
SCAM zapdeliveryservice.com
SCAM zipvitbv.com
SCAM zoubirlogisticsbv.nl

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