391 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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391 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Sat Apr 02, 2022 3:24 pm

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, Romance Scam, etc.

SCAM 1globefinancialinsurance.com
SCAM 247loyaldocuments.com
SCAM 2fbluefieldmining.com
SCAM 420budsdeliveryshop.com
SCAM 420budsdeliveryshop.com
SCAM 4frontglobalgroup.com +254 732 999 992 / +243 976 536 869
SCAM aeroflexlogistics.com
SCAM aircargosdeliveryexpress.com
SCAM airwingsdiplomaticlogistic.com
SCAM archieshihtzuandmalshipuppies.com
SCAM attorneyjeffreybrettlegalservice.com
SCAM auto-verifyaccount.com
SCAM banquescgenerale.com
SCAM billgatefoundation.org
SCAM bitgotradingfx.com
SCAM bloorcreditunion.com
SCAM bluelinecourierdelivery.com
SCAM bluesky-expressdelivery.com
SCAM briscofinance.com
SCAM britisheritagebkuk.com
SCAM capitalstanbictrust.com
SCAM cargolineshipping.com
SCAM cargosroute.com
SCAM chairperson-snb.com
SCAM charteredexpresscourier.online
SCAM courierlogisticsexpress.com
SCAM cryptglobalinvestment.com
SCAM cryptogaint.com
SCAM cyberfinancerecovery.com
SCAM deutschetrustbn.com
SCAM dhl-postal.com
SCAM dhlplussecurityanddeliverycompany.com
SCAM directexprescourier.com
SCAM dispatcherdelivery.com
SCAM dollarcreditbnk.com
SCAM dralexspellcast.com
SCAM dwichemicalsgmbh.com
SCAM eelogisticsltd.com.ng
SCAM endoship.com
SCAM eshipperdelivery.com
SCAM expresslinkparcelservice.com
SCAM expresslogisticservice.com
SCAM expressportaldeliverylines.com
SCAM expressportalsdelivery.com
SCAM exquisitemaltipoos.com
SCAM fastlinecargos.com
SCAM fastlinkglobalcourier.online
SCAM fastlovespellsonline.com
SCAM fastwaydeliveryltd.com
SCAM fbioffices.com
SCAM fcuglobalfinancial.com
SCAM fe-courier.org
SCAM feedaukrainian.online uncloser59@yahoo.com (ukrainian charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM fiduciarytrustycapital.com
SCAM fioricetscript.com
SCAM firstdynamicptal.com
SCAM firstforthfinance.com
SCAM firstkeyonline.com
SCAM firstunitybk.com
SCAM fivebeansproducts.com +1(641)-316-3103
SCAM flyroutedelivery.com
SCAM fnbonline.us
SCAM folkiabnk.com
SCAM forexguideinsurance.com
SCAM frontlinedelivery.online
SCAM fastprofx.online uncloser59@yahoo.com
SCAM gazebk.com
SCAM geminicapitaltrades.com
SCAM givetosaveukrainenow.online uncloser59@yahoo.com (ukrainian charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM globalcomfortdelivery.org
SCAM globaldocshome.com
SCAM globaloakfinance.com
SCAM globalpackagecourier.com
SCAM globalrocketexpress.com
SCAM globalrocketlogistics.com
SCAM globalstonevault.com
SCAM globalswiftlogistics.online
SCAM gloshippingline.com
SCAM gocourierlogistics.com
SCAM goldcoinsextension.com
SCAM goldenetrading.com
SCAM goldenlinklogistic.com
SCAM gvexpressdelivery.com
SCAM gwexpressservice.info
SCAM havenpitbullpups.com
SCAM highqualityworldwide.com
SCAM hiltonecotrade.com negonhazzy95@gmail.com nigeria
SCAM home4samoyedpuppies.com
SCAM homeforsmartpets.com
SCAM huskybreedhome.com
SCAM hybridlegaltrade.com
SCAM illuminati777.org
SCAM imfdept.com
SCAM intbbvabnk.com
SCAM internationalcourierlines.com
SCAM intralinkparcel.com
SCAM investorscubank.com
SCAM irstreasurysdept.com
SCAM jdkcourierplus.com
SCAM joekenfoods.com (benin tender scam)
SCAM lakeviewexpress.com
SCAM lunarreward.com
SCAM lynaepembrokewelshcorgipuppieshome.com
SCAM mamananalovespells.com
SCAM marylndbeneft.com
SCAM masonicsfoundation.org
SCAM maybachshipping.com
SCAM mellametal.com +32 460212255
SCAM metrustfinance.com
SCAM mgt-capital.com
SCAM middleastmigrationtravel.com
SCAM miltonrealestates.com
SCAM minischnauzerspalace.com
SCAM northernoakbank.com
SCAM olivefastwayslogistics.com
SCAM onlineglobalcl.com
SCAM orangeaircourier.com
SCAM orangeairdelivery.com
SCAM orangeairexpress.com
SCAM orangeairlogistics.com
SCAM parrotsonlineshop.com
SCAM peacedonation.com - feyisara lawal (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM persusbk.com
SCAM powerballorg.com
SCAM primaxexpresscourier.com
SCAM primelogisticsglobal.com
SCAM quickdeliverycs.com
SCAM ragdolls-kittens.com
SCAM rbsfinanceinc.com
SCAM redbullad.com
SCAM refugeessupport.org
SCAM regustrustfund.com
SCAM reliabletradestation.com
SCAM royalfunds-investment.com
SCAM royalgenuinedocuments.com
SCAM royalglobalogistics.online
SCAM royalgroupcrbnk.com
SCAM sawomenhealthclinic.com (non-delivery abortion pill scam)
SCAM sentiagoboa.online
SCAM skyviewglobaltrustfund.com
SCAM smartpupshome.com
SCAM softrushcourier.us
SCAM southerntrustcreditunion.com
SCAM southwestgrouppetrolcorp.com (job scam)
SCAM ssddonate.info
SCAM ssdsolutionservice.com
SCAM stairwaveexpress.delivery
SCAM startrailexpress.com
SCAM stategovn.com
SCAM stonebridgeinternationaltrnsfr.com
SCAM swiftbankincp.com
SCAM swiftcoastglobaldelivery.online
SCAM swiftcreditbnk.com
SCAM swiftglobelogistics.com
SCAM swissquotefxpro.com
SCAM swisstrustfinco.com
SCAM thebnkofire.com
SCAM thetrustbnkofengland.com
SCAM thoughtresearchlabs.com
SCAM tkbholdingsllc.net
SCAM torpbk.com
SCAM translogisticsagency.com
SCAM trustroyalmy.com
SCAM uknatweslbk.com
SCAM ukraine-humanitarian.com (ukrainian charity scam)
SCAM ukrainepeacedonation.com
SCAM ukrainequickrelief.online uncloser59@yahoo.com (ukrainian charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM ukrhelps.life
SCAM un-militarybase.com
SCAM un-militarymissions.com
SCAM universalfxtrade.com
SCAM universaltrusttrade.com (805) 635-7512
SCAM usadmindeskoffice.com
SCAM usamilitaryleavect2.com
SCAM usarmyretirementdepartment.com
SCAM uscbnkdirects.com
SCAM uscbnkdirects.com feb 03, 2022
SCAM uscitizensgrant.com
SCAM utaahgovn.com
SCAM utahgovn.com
SCAM vanquisfinance.com
SCAM vintelcapital.online
SCAM wamedo.org (benin tender scam)
SCAM webauthenticate.site - abdul-afees akewusola (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM westfortexpress.com
SCAM worldexpresstld.com
SCAM yourweapons.store
SCAM africaeyesltd.com
SCAM african-goldnuggets-forsale.online
SCAM africangoldexporters.com +255745083481 +254769057420
SCAM africangoldexporters.com +256701512104 +256790560480
SCAM africapuregoldmining.com +447440965132
SCAM agroinvestrus.ru
SCAM aid-ukrainetoday.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM aidforukrainians.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM aidingforukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM alliedinvsb.com - feyisara lawal
SCAM alpha-a1.com +44 7470 700527
SCAM alpha-a2.com +44 7470 700527
SCAM alpha-en-gr.com +44 7470700527
SCAM alpha-eu-gr.com +447444 263255
SCAM alpha-eur-gr.com +44 7444 263255
SCAM alpha-europe-gr.com
SCAM alpha-gr-en.com +447470700527
SCAM alpha-gr-eur.com +447470700527
SCAM alpha-gr-eur.com+447444263255
SCAM alpha-gr-europa.com+447444 263255
SCAM amextradingltd.com +260969632836
SCAM apexgoldinvestment.com
SCAM armalinisolutions.com +254762552265
SCAM armysos-ukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM assistukraine.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM baomamining.net +232-78-690693 +232-78-221660
SCAM baomamining.net +232-78-690693 +23278690693
SCAM baturilocalminers.com
SCAM bestchemshop.com +442032866457 +447429447637
SCAM bitcointradinginvestment.com - feyisara lawal
SCAM bluefieldmining.com
SCAM boffooptimumbank.com +442031754633
SCAM boutiquebeuh.com +33 756 85 89 78 - +33 644 69 76 05 +33756858978 +33644697605
SCAM brinkssecurityguinea.com
SCAM bstronge.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM bulkgoldbars.com +237 660036896
SCAM bulkgoldbars.com bulkgoldbars.com
SCAM bulkgoldsales.com (gold scam)
SCAM bunianaturalresoucesgroupe.company
SCAM busiagoldmine.com
SCAM camruralminescorp.com
SCAM camteec.com
SCAM care-international-au.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM cnmuscatbank.com - feyisara lawal
SCAM comebackalive.charity (ukraine charity scam
SCAM comebackalive.foundation (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM comebackalive.info (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM congo-gold-link.com 256 (760) 917 - 090 +256760917090
SCAM continentalgoldminerals.com +971543454755 +971543454752
SCAM cryptosupport-in-ukraine.xyz (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM cryptotrademinerfx.com (805) 635-7512
SCAM daarapharma.com +27613199653
SCAM dbcgold.com
SCAM dolcegoldndiamond.com
SCAM donate-for-ukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM donatetheglobalgov.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM draytonminerals.com
SCAM dynamicconsotium.ltd +254771504089 / +256(0)700 163879
SCAM easternblocgoldminesandsec.com
SCAM easternminingcorp.com
SCAM ecagoldmining.com +27837557840
SCAM emmallo.com (ukraine charity scam from kenya) "save a child, win a lamborghini"
SCAM empirelogisticssl.com
SCAM eu-alpha-gr.com +44 7444 263255
SCAM fight-for-ukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM fioreinternationalltd.com
SCAM fourfronttradingafricagrouplimited.com
SCAM freedombakeriesyemen.live (yemen charity scam)
SCAM friendsofukriane.com - feyisara lawal (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM fundukraine.org (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM fundukraine.org (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM genericquantumminerals.com
SCAM give-ukraine.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM givinghelpukr.online (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM givinghelpukr.online (ukraine donation scam)
SCAM glenfieldco.com
SCAM globaldonation.online uncloser59@yahoo.com (ukrainian charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM globalorientaldiplomatic.com
SCAM globalorientaldiplomatic.com
SCAM gofund.life (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM gofundunicef.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM goldafr.com
SCAM goldbarsnuggetsforsale.co.za
SCAM goldminersonline.com +255 759 364 338
SCAM goldstackmine.com
SCAM goodkarmafoundation.site (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM greenminesglobal.com
SCAM gulfkuwaitgold.com +260 (0)95 50 11 414
SCAM healukrainetoday.com - adedoyin adekoniye (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM help-ukraine-today.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM help.rescue-ua.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM helpdonateforukraine.com (ukraine charity scam from kenya)
SCAM helpprojectukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM helpsaveukraine.net (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM helpsforukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM helpthechildfirst.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM helpukraine-coinbase.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM hfukrainef.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM hopetoukrainianchildren.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM humanitarianmissionrelief.com (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM humanitarianukraine.com (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM istandwithukranians.com (Ibraheem Musa Damilare) Ukraine Charity Scam from Nigeria
SCAM istandwithukranians.com - joseph chuks emeka (ukraine charity scam from Nigeria)
SCAM joekenfoods.com
SCAM kalotipm.co.za +27656893971 +27732244276
SCAM kapesikagold.com +260955011414 +1(844)932-0329
SCAM kingsolajiltd.com
SCAM kukasiinvestments.com
SCAM lafumarket.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM lawandcasellc.com
SCAM letsaveukrane.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM liquoreshop.com
SCAM lonshipreciousmetals.com
SCAM luzatechminingandmetals.com
SCAM matonminerals.com
SCAM mecy-chf.com - abdul-afees akewusola (ukraine donation scam from nigeria)
SCAM mercy-chfs.com - abdul-afees akewusola (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM merrcy-chef.com - abdul-afees akewusola (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM mineralsbase.com +256 706 290 451 +256706290451
SCAM momonaglobal.com +971 529170763 +971529170763
SCAM mponenggoldmine.com +27 11 083 8069 +27613199653
SCAM mubendegoldminers.com +256 760 380 325 +256760380325
SCAM mukisapsychic.com +256773327094
SCAM nationalbnduae.com +442031754633
SCAM nationbankas.com
SCAM nft4ukraine.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ngweshe.co.ke +254 706 149 574
SCAM niponinvestcapitalgroup.com
SCAM obuasigoldmine.com +233 24 155 5881
SCAM oleksiireznikov.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM otisi-foods.com
SCAM otisialiment.com
SCAM otisilubricants.com
SCAM otisineggroup.com
SCAM otisipetroequip.com
SCAM otisipharmed.com
SCAM pacla-lab.org
SCAM pataminingcommunity.com
SCAM prayforukraina.info (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM protecthumanity.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM refugeessupport.org (ukraine charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM reliefdonors.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM riseforukraine.org (ukraine charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM rw-gfy.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM sandominingcompany.com
SCAM savelifedirect.com (Ibraheem Musa Damilare) Ukraine Charity Scam from Nigeria
SCAM savelifeukraine.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM saveukraine.net (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM saveukraineaid.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM saveukrainewarefare.com (ukraine charity scam from ghana)
SCAM saveul.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM savingukraine.online (ukraine charity scam from south africa)
SCAM serwajjapurestones.com
SCAM shianwagoldmining.com
SCAM sign-gr.com +44 7470 700527
SCAM sjkminerals.com +256751444449 +27837557840
SCAM skylinkcharter.com
SCAM solidarityforukraine.org (ukraine charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM sonamines.net
SCAM standwithukraine.support (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM superior-trading.com
SCAM supportukraine.ga (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM supportukraine.tk (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM surviveukraine.online (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM tazgoldmines.com
SCAM thearcadelovers.store +1 (907) 486-2612 jamesndah7777@gmail.com
SCAM trans-watsa.org
SCAM transhexxpreciousmetals.com +256701039951
SCAM tropicalheightsafricalimited.com
SCAM uacua.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ugandagoldminers.com +256752660504
SCAM ukraine-ua.com - feyisara lawal (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainecharitysupport.org (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM ukrainecrisisrelief.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainecure.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainedonation.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainegofundme.online (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM ukraineneedus.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainepeacedonation.com (ukraine charity scam from cameroon)
SCAM ukrainewardonation.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainewelfaresupport.com (ukraine charity scam from nigeria)
SCAM ukraineworldaid.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrainsupport.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM ukrhelps.life (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM unitedhelpforukriane.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM unitedhelpukraine.life (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM unitedhelpukraine.online (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM unitedhelpukraine.support (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM uvirasociete-mining.com
SCAM uvirasocietemining.com
SCAM vfsgold.com
SCAM victoryforukraine.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM villagelocalminers.com
SCAM volcanointernational.com +971 (5) 62 93 88 91 +971562938891
SCAM volcorecruit.com +60177103766 +15632865844 +41767069060
SCAM vostokdonetskintl.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM waero.org
SCAM wai-sl.com
SCAM wamedo.org
SCAM westand4ukraine.org (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM westandbyukraine.com (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM wesupportukrain.fund - feyisara lawal (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM wesupportukraine.org - feyisara lawal (ukraine charity scam)
SCAM zarkahmetals.com +971 58 509 9891

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