576 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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576 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Fri Oct 22, 2021 8:58 am

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, Romance Scam, etc.

SCAM 237web.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM 420homecannabis.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM 420infocedmeds.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM 4frontglobalgroup.com
SCAM aaipms.com
SCAM aanchorgems.com
SCAM abcexpressds.com
SCAM abnadirmetalgoldrafineri.com
SCAM accesswayexpress.com
SCAM adnocsch-ae.com
SCAM adorablegermanrottweillerpuppies.com
SCAM adorablegermanshepherdspot.com
SCAM adscanadian.com
SCAM afghanaids.org
SCAM africaminersgroup.com
SCAM africangoldcorporation.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM africangoldexporters.com
SCAM africangoldsalesandglobalinvestment.com
SCAM africapuregoldmining.com
SCAM afrikmetals.com
SCAM afrominerals.org
SCAM agapehorseadoption.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM air-pets-america.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM airfright-shippingpost.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM airfrightshipping-post.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM airgatecargos.com
SCAM aksoyherbalfarm.com
SCAM al-kazaservices.com
SCAM al-ramaservice.com
SCAM alabamafcu.com
SCAM alabdultravelsuae.com +971 52 589 2403
SCAM alamerinthospuae.com +971 52 348 3099 +971523483099
SCAM alasrartravels.com +971524308761
SCAM alexainternationaloverseas.com
SCAM alfadexarab.com
SCAM alhafeezoil.com
SCAM aliebinainvestmententerprise.com
SCAM allyvoguecouture.com +1 859 739 3823
SCAM almenafinancialbrokers.com +971 (56) 840 5529 +971568405529
SCAM alphsarmssupplier.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM alshankinsurance.com
SCAM alternatifb.com
SCAM altintopchemicals.net
SCAM alwatheqfinance.com
SCAM amazinghealthhomecare.com
SCAM amazinghomecareny.com
SCAM america-europecarsales.com
SCAM americanexpressminerals.com
SCAM amextradingltd.com
SCAM ammunitiononlinestore.com
SCAM amngtassets.biz
SCAM anasparrotsandbirdies.com
SCAM angelatoypoodlepuppies.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM angiewilliamsintd.com
SCAM antminerigs.com
SCAM apexyatirimholdings.com
SCAM aplussecuritylogistics.com
SCAM armalinisolutions.com
SCAM arogpharm.org
SCAM aseesifinanceae.com
SCAM asiaaltuslogistics.com
SCAM asrdc.com.ng +2347018812759
SCAM atlanticfirearmsstore.com
SCAM audricdadvisory.com +337-5580-8400 soa=myvpsbox@yahoo.com
SCAM avtsbkn.net
SCAM bancolacaxesp.com
SCAM bankwahala.com
SCAM bannerbk.com
SCAM bbcservicecargo.com
SCAM bc-fin.com
SCAM bceao-tg.com
SCAM bell-forex.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bellfx-cryptocommunity.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bendershawassociates.com 437-224-9099
SCAM berlindiscreetshop.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM berlinerfinancial.com
SCAM berolycreditunion.com
SCAM bestmunckinkittens.com
SCAM beyondintlbk-au.com
SCAM bhartiyavikashkendra.org
SCAM billionaireconcierge.co.ke
SCAM bitcoinprivatekeyrecover.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bittrendfx.com
SCAM blockchaininvestmentllc.com
SCAM blockmintcrpytoitra.com
SCAM blue-collarpettransport.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bluecollar-pettransport.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bluecollarpet-transport.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bluecollarpettran-sport.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM bpiph.com
SCAM brightbullion.com
SCAM brownslovelypuppies.site - samuel ngwa
SCAM bsic-bank.com
SCAM bssl-group.com
SCAM bssl-group.info
SCAM btcinvestmentfx.com
SCAM bulkgoldbars.com
SCAM bulldogpuppiesworld.com
SCAM buniagoldmineinvestments.com
SCAM bureaudiplomatic.com - kalu psalms
SCAM butterfieldincorporated.com
SCAM c-19cardonline.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM calibrationcargo.com
SCAM calishopdispensary.com
SCAM calvinsdachshundpuppieshome.com
SCAM canabisdispensaryhome.com
SCAM candmadvocates.com
SCAM canecorsopuppies02.com
SCAM capitaglobapcs.com
SCAM capitaglobplc.com
SCAM cargoesu.com - abdul-afees akewusola
SCAM cargolinksexpress.com
SCAM cassandreiberiasl.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM cathaybankingonline.com
SCAM cathydoesloans.com
SCAM cavapoopuppiesavailable.com
SCAM cbiraqi.com
SCAM chakyuetexpress.com
SCAM charteredexpresscourier.online
SCAM cifad-uae.com +971 52 483 7357 +971524837357
SCAM ckdglobalsupplyltd.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM clipstoneconstruction.com
SCAM cmbcreditunion.com
SCAM cokeaddict.org
SCAM combprivate.com
SCAM companybackgroundcheckdata.com
SCAM congo-gold-link.com
SCAM connect-financials.com
SCAM continentalgoldminerals.com
SCAM continentalinfrastructuralprojects.com
SCAM corporatecourierstg.com
SCAM couriers-aj.com
SCAM couriertotaltrust.com
SCAM courtcasespells.us
SCAM criptradeinvestment.com
SCAM crosswaypost.com
SCAM cryptokingz.one
SCAM cryptomatrx.com
SCAM ctigoldprivate.online
SCAM currentcargo.com
SCAM cypherium.fund
SCAM dachshundpuppies4homes.com
SCAM dakotapaclfic.com
SCAM darkwebdocuments.com
SCAM dasanibottledwaterpromo.com
SCAM davidkingsolicitors.com
SCAM deathspells.co.za
SCAM deathspells.us
SCAM deathspellscaster.us
SCAM defensetacticshop.com
SCAM delaruisecurityandlogistics.com
SCAM dellygoldendoodles.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM deltaexpresinti.com
SCAM deltashippinglogisticsinc.com
SCAM deltasscexpress.com
SCAM diesellogistics-eu.com
SCAM dipdelivery.com
SCAM dispensaryshopforcannabis.com
SCAM dlquickcargo.com
SCAM dnrduae.com
SCAM doctorcharliepharma.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM doodlerescuesanctuary.com
SCAM drugeret.com
SCAM drugpillsmed.com
SCAM drugx24.com
SCAM dujlarpetroleum.com - kalu psalms
SCAM duncanhoistlg.com +1 (619) 489-2041
SCAM dynamicexpresslogistic.com - kalu psalms
SCAM dynamite-pro.com
SCAM eacmholdings.com
SCAM eaglejetinternational.com
SCAM eaglejetsinternational.com
SCAM eastafricagoldprojects.com
SCAM easytexesonline.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM ecbkonline.com
SCAM ecospeedlogistics.com
SCAM ecowasraed.org +22870719757
SCAM edddachshunds.com
SCAM edworrbizconcernsltd.com
SCAM egpcourier.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM elsonchambers.com
SCAM eltoncomb.com
SCAM emiratesfinancialbrokers.com +971 (56) 840 5529 +971568405529
SCAM emiratesgulfpetshop.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM emsproshippers.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM englishbullieshome.com
SCAM eogshippingcompany.com
SCAM epicbk.com - kalu psalms
SCAM equitygloba.com
SCAM espbnk.org
SCAM estandardbank.com
SCAM etsgaminggmbh.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM eureu.net
SCAM eurofinchain.com
SCAM exoctichousedispensary.com
SCAM exoticcartsandweed.com
SCAM exoticdachshund.com
SCAM exoticscare.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM exoticsdispensary.store - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM expiservices.online
SCAM expressbanknotebills.com
SCAM expressdelico.com
SCAM expressdynamicsmail.com - kalu psalms
SCAM expressfundingventures.com
SCAM expressitcouriersltd.com
SCAM eziafiallc.com
SCAM f-b-i-officialdept.org - feyisara lawal
SCAM fadb-ae.com
SCAM fajarahinvestments.com +971 526 530 019
SCAM falconsavingstrust.com
SCAM famouspoodlepuppies.com
SCAM farinlawfirm.com (902)-906-5240-(343)300-5890
SCAM farwindsdelivery.com
SCAM fcibluk.com
SCAM fcrunion.com
SCAM federalprimers.com
SCAM fibabnk.com
SCAM fidelityfinancialbank.com
SCAM financialsterling.com
SCAM finexgoldcameroon.com
SCAM firstellaintell.com
SCAM firstexsc.com
SCAM fiscaltrails.com
SCAM flexilogistics.net
SCAM fomerna.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM fortresscapitalinvestment.com
SCAM fourfrontmetals.com
SCAM fourfronttradingafricagroupltd.com
SCAM fourtwentylegacy.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM francisdoodles.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM ftb-cb.com
SCAM fxbrokeroption.com
SCAM gabreiljewelers.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM geoexpressint.com
SCAM geoportcourier.com
SCAM gercekhayat-tk.com
SCAM getc-19cardsonline.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM gexpresservices.org
SCAM gexpresslogisticsint.com
SCAM ghdxpress.online
SCAM glo-jet.com
SCAM glob-airjetint.com
SCAM global-fishfarm.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM globalinvestmentbank-uae.com - nickson maina
SCAM globaljetconcepts.com
SCAM globallogisticsexpresscourierservices.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM globalmineralsservices.com
SCAM globalpaperhouse.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM globalsshipping.com
SCAM globaltrustdelivery.com
SCAM glockboys.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM glsparcel.info
SCAM goldminersonline.com
SCAM goldnuggetsaleshub.com
SCAM goshentradingcompany.com
SCAM grand-maitre-marabout-soviesi.com
SCAM grandspirebk.com
SCAM greefleetcourier.com
SCAM greenberbalfarm.com
SCAM greenfleetshipping.com
SCAM greenpoundslodge.net - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM greyscottonwood.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM grillzsandjewellries.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM grpcourier.com
SCAM gulfkuwaitgold.com
SCAM gulfkuwaithaulage.com
SCAM gulfkuwaitlogistics.com
SCAM gunnsceramics.online
SCAM gunsonlineshop.com
SCAM halifax-cu.com
SCAM halifaxcu-ca.com
SCAM halitcelikfarm.com
SCAM hamiltondoodlesandpoodles.com- samuel ngwa
SCAM hanpshirtrustuk.com
SCAM happy420shop.com
SCAM harperbro.us
SCAM hbnkplc.com
SCAM healingfather.co.za +447440965132
SCAM healthydachshundpuppiesforsale.com
SCAM healthysphykittens.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM herblifefarms.com
SCAM hermsprivatebnus-emails.online
SCAM hgsassociatesfirm.com
SCAM hibuae.com
SCAM hjrbda.com +2347045584984
SCAM hmspb.online
SCAM hochberglawllp.com 647-258-5435 +1-416-907-1141
SCAM homeforrottweilerpuppies.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM howard-consulting.com +255766424315
SCAM howtocastaspell.com
SCAM huckingest.com
SCAM hucmerchantb.com
SCAM hufftransport.com
SCAM hugotrustplc.com
SCAM hutintonbk-us.com
SCAM ibogakingdom.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM icsinvestmentserv.com
SCAM idealgloballogistics.com +1 516 366 1396
SCAM iebuae.com
SCAM illuminatiofficialsociety.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM illuminatysecretsoceity.com
SCAM ilportale-dellautomobilista.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM immigrant-status.com
SCAM impalacarspart.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM impeximportexports.com
SCAM indiacustom-gov.com
SCAM indopertab.com
SCAM insidegroupc.com
SCAM integritysolacefondle.com
SCAM interlinkshippinglinescompany.com (803) 368-6413
SCAM interspeedlogistics.com
SCAM interstateib.com
SCAM intertrustholdings.com
SCAM intl-hsbib.com
SCAM investopediauk.com
SCAM irmogov-iq.com
SCAM irmogov-iq.net
SCAM isbakonline.com
SCAM islandfinancial.org
SCAM islc-online.com
SCAM iturigoldmine.com
SCAM jacquelinwillensservices.com
SCAM jaydenbank.com
SCAM jetcopter-group.com
SCAM jscuninversal.com
SCAM kakygroupltd.net
SCAM kapesikaenergypetroleum.com
SCAM kapesikagold.com
SCAM kapesikahaulage.com
SCAM kellyexotickittens.com
SCAM kerongweandsonslogistics.com - anthony njau
SCAM kesentascouriersdelivery.com
SCAM kimberlyrottweilerpuppies.com
SCAM kingsedwardviiuk.com
SCAM kisanganimetals.com
SCAM kopencocaine.com
SCAM korayyatirimgroup.com
SCAM krishinvestmentsgroup.com +971526530019
SCAM kushcol.com
SCAM kushsales420.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM ladangsherba.com
SCAM legalmarijuanaonlinestore.org
SCAM libertyinvestmentbk.com
SCAM likasiminingltd.com - ntulayatu hassan
SCAM liquorbourbon.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM lostlovespells.joburg
SCAM lostlovespellscapetown.co.za
SCAM lostlovespellsdurban.co.za
SCAM lotteryspells.us
SCAM lovelandfcu.com
SCAM loyalcavs.com
SCAM luishireminerals.com
SCAM magicringwalletlovespells.co.za
SCAM magicwalletringmoneyspells.com
SCAM magicwalletspells.co.za
SCAM mailchase.top
SCAM marinenetwork.net
SCAM marylynnassociate.com 1-204-410-6826
SCAM matrixfirearms.com
SCAM mavukoltd.com
SCAM mayokomineralmining.com
SCAM medalionfoundation.com
SCAM medianapharmastore.com
SCAM mercantilcapital.com
SCAM mes-cleaningservices.com
SCAM mgherbalfarm.com
SCAM mgherbalfarms.com
SCAM mgherballfarm.com
SCAM millenniumcitybank.com
SCAM milwaukeecourier.org
SCAM minipuppycare.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM molly-der-schwanzlutscher.com
SCAM momonaglobal.com
SCAM mondiniassociates.com
SCAM monsbank.com
SCAM monstadispensary.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM monstadispensarypharmaceutical.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM montecristo.co.ke
SCAM mrrollingsteacuppupoodles.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM multimedicinalshop.com
SCAM my-ios-store.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM myglobalrecovery.com
SCAM mylostlovespells.com
SCAM naaptolsluckdraw.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM natbca.online
SCAM navraxpharma.com
SCAM ndobogroup.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM neticgloexpress.com
SCAM newpassportonline.com
SCAM nmafricaconsulting.com
SCAM nnpcretcoop.com
SCAM noor-security.com
SCAM nordeabnkab.com
SCAM nordintl.com
SCAM nyozonebiomedical.com +44(12)07530181
SCAM o2paymentsupport.com
SCAM oasisunb.com
SCAM odanielmotorinc.com
SCAM okpetsdelivery.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM olivierbijoux.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM omegaglobadel.online
SCAM omexbv.com
SCAM omexbv.com +31612399341
SCAM oncrlineintl.com
SCAM onewaylogistics.online
SCAM onlineammunitionstore.com
SCAM onlineshopchemicalss.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM outlookgex.com
SCAM pacificwstnbk.com
SCAM pakakaminesprl.com - anthony njau
SCAM pantheruniversallogistics.com
SCAM passionbichonfrise.com
SCAM patterncourier.com +1 516 366 1396
SCAM pauhanaranchcompany.com
SCAM pembrokewelshcorgibreedre.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM pembrokewelshcorgpups.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM peruzzitravels.com)
SCAM petclassifiedescrow.com
SCAM phgrant.com - kalu psalms
SCAM pillsgenix.com
SCAM pomeranianshomes.com
SCAM portland-liquorstore.com
SCAM powerball.agency
SCAM premierlogisticsdelivery.com
SCAM primaptb.com
SCAM primaxlogexp.com
SCAM primehealthypharmacy.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM proskills-fx.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM prostfarm.com
SCAM psychedelichills.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM psychedelictrippers.com
SCAM psychicfarm.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM puppieskc.com
SCAM qualityliquorforsale.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM rafcltd.com
SCAM rashtiyarozgarmission.org
SCAM rbsa-online.info
SCAM rbsgroupsplc.com
SCAM realpsychedelictrips.com
SCAM receptfrialakemedel.com
SCAM regalglobalogistics.com
SCAM remedydrugstore.net
SCAM reschedule-my-delivery-hermes.com
SCAM returezmherbalfarm.com
SCAM returizmherbalfarm.com
SCAM rexoneexpress.com - kalu psalms
SCAM rietjensdeurne.com
SCAM rivenptb.com
SCAM robinexpressdelivery.com
SCAM rottweilershomes.com
SCAM rousingpomskybreeders.com
SCAM roverbassethoundpuppies.com
SCAM roweshavanesepuppies.com (dionis ceban)
SCAM royabksct.online
SCAM royalbelpython.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM royalcapitex.com
SCAM royalgiftpharmacy.com
SCAM russelldachshundpuppies.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM russelldachshundpupshome.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM safepalsecure.com
SCAM safepillss.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM safewaypetcourrier.com
SCAM saintmathewhotel.com
SCAM samueltechschool.com - samuel ngwa
SCAM sarawakprocurement.com +601 1692 05371
SCAM sataderb-uk.online
SCAM satellitestatebk.com
SCAM sbs4tech.com
SCAM scobank.net
SCAM scrapsupplyuab.com newdeliveryistanbul@gmail.com
SCAM seabrookinvestmentllc.com
SCAM seacoglobale.com
SCAM seara-alimentossa.com +55 27 4042 1215 +552740421215
SCAM secure-online-parcelhelp.com
SCAM secureparcel-u-p-s.com
SCAM seemcoflight.com +13064002977 306-400-2977
SCAM sekeyapionline.com
SCAM setcospzoo.com
SCAM shieldexpresscourier.com 365-800-4316 / 437-370-2067
SCAM shipstationservices.com
SCAM shopcluesluckydrawcenter.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM shopcluesluckydraws.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM sikherbalfarm.com
SCAM skiedcargo.com
SCAM slatergordonattorneys.com +1(708) 593 5355
SCAM smart-logistics-company.com - kalu psalms
SCAM smartyorkieterrier.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM solidbaseconst.com
SCAM solidfxmarkets.live
SCAM speedchillrxpharma.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM speedlogistic.online
SCAM speedwaydels.com
SCAM splendidpuppies.com
SCAM spotlightstaffordshire.com
SCAM stanbictower.com
SCAM standardcryptos.com
SCAM standardprimecu.com
SCAM starcitytravels.com
SCAM stbtrusts.com
SCAM stevecannisshop.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM stiriacoin.com
SCAM stockyfarm.com
SCAM strongroids.com
SCAM swedishtradelimited.com
SCAM tabac-authentification-tickets.com arnaque
SCAM tandiafcu.com
SCAM tcl-online.com
SCAM tdtrusts.net
SCAM teacupoodles.com
SCAM teiaescura.com
SCAM thcweeddispensarry.com - talla tachinda udrice
SCAM thecavapoopuppies.com
SCAM thegoldasset.org +15013822736
SCAM theilluminatiworld.org - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM theuniversalpostexpress.com
SCAM theweedvision.com
SCAM thinkbarristerltd.com +447418360559
SCAM timeradogoschghanaltd.com
SCAM tntexpressdelivery.com
SCAM topezoil.com
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SCAM transab-intl.com
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SCAM transmineralsinternational.com
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SCAM tulsaib.com
SCAM un-law.org
SCAM undiplomaticcourier.org - nickson maina
SCAM unicorrnoffshoreinvestments.com
SCAM uniononlinebk.com
SCAM uniquessdchemicals.com
SCAM universal-premier.com
SCAM universalogosticservice.com
SCAM universaltrustbank.com
SCAM universsityofdublin.com
SCAM unvinternational.org
SCAM ups-postalservice.comburjfinance-ae.com
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SCAM whitemadoxshop.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM williamsp.com
SCAM williamssongroup.com 46 767406980 +46767406980
SCAM winchesterammoretails.com
SCAM wlibank.com - cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM wlmanagementnlbvltd.com
SCAM wltractorsnlbvltd.com
SCAM worldremitusa.com
SCAM x-logisticsdelivery.com
SCAM ysruda.com.ng +2347040421801
SCAM ysrudb.com +2347038820907
SCAM yugraoil-terminal.ru
SCAM yuslogistics.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM yusufalzayedadvocates +971 54 386 4209 +971543864209
SCAM yuvarozgaarkendra.org
SCAM zacoaminerals.com
SCAM zanchomines.org
SCAM zenitfederal.com

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