517 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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517 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Thu Aug 19, 2021 5:34 am

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, Romance Scam, etc.

SCAM 1849goldmining.com
SCAM 3dtradingfx.com
SCAM 420weeddispensary.store - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM 546jets.com
SCAM a1expressdeliveries.com
SCAM accessfundfx.com
SCAM adasksecurity.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM addidas-uk.com
SCAM adnoc-uae.net
SCAM advancetravelsandtourism.com
SCAM aeb-online.com
SCAM afrospells.com
SCAM airarislogistics.com
SCAM airfastdelivery.com
SCAM airpakexpress.net fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM akcrottweilerpups.com
SCAM aklawesq.com
SCAM alliedsecuritycompany.com
SCAM allyconnellycouture.com +1 (859) 739-3823
SCAM almittytrading.com
SCAM alpharoyalpharmacy.net
SCAM alphbnld.com
SCAM alpinapharmacare.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM altasaviationae.com
SCAM altustradingfx.com
SCAM amaricarelieffunds.com
SCAM amazinggermanshepherd.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM americarefeilfunds.com
SCAM ammiak-service.ru
SCAM anmrb.com
SCAM applelocateiphone.com
SCAM areagunsshop.com
SCAM arizonaib.com
SCAM arvbsk.com
SCAM asconsultancy.info
SCAM asconsultancy.info 301-232-3361
SCAM atlanticfirearmsstore.com
SCAM attika-an.ru
SCAM austrockequipments.com
SCAM authentic-onlineshopping.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM avantixlogistics.com
SCAM avianalluringworld.com
SCAM avixcargohex.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM ba-togo.com
SCAM babeljets.com nickson maina
SCAM bakerlaw-firm.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM barclsuk.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM barcluk.com
SCAM barytetrustgroup.com
SCAM bayswatermarine.com
SCAM bdanamon.com
SCAM beauxexotics.com
SCAM becomeilluminationline.com
SCAM bersteele.com
SCAM best-trust-pills.com
SCAM bestkayakcanoe.shop
SCAM bezosilluminati.comolouge eya ekolle
SCAM biabktg.com
SCAM bimarkgroup.com
SCAM binaryforextradings.com +1-949-356-6786 +1-984-235-9009
SCAM biomaraktiebolag.com
SCAM bitconnecttrade.com
SCAM bitcryptosignalsinvestment.com
SCAM bitlyvest.com
SCAM bkonlicon.com
SCAM bluecourierservices.net
SCAM bm-w-promo1.com
SCAM boaztrustlogistics.com
SCAM bolsabritishonline.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM boominvesta.com
SCAM breedershibainuhome.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM brew-mastertravels.com - job scam +971 52 954 8898 +971529548898
SCAM bridgeconnectorgroup.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM brockinvestment.net +1 850 764 1590
SCAM bsicconnectme.com
SCAM btcib-tg.com
SCAM budwiseexploernow.com
SCAM burjricoilgroup.com
SCAM buy-applephones.com
SCAM buyqualitypillsonline.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM buysmartbuds.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM buyyourdocuments.com
SCAM camerminers.com
SCAM canabisdispensaryhome.com
SCAM candmadvocates.com
SCAM cannabis-boutique.com
SCAM cannabisbuds-store.com
SCAM cannabisshopdispensary.com
SCAM cannabistillsaluonline.com
SCAM capitaltrustmarket.com
SCAM capitasglobaplc.com
SCAM cargosecure-transport.com
SCAM cargosecure-transports.com
SCAM cargoxp.online
SCAM cartierlogistics.online
SCAM cashtrapofficial.net
SCAM cbd-pillspharmacy.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM cbdcartstore.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM cbitransfer.com
SCAM ccdutchstorage.nl
SCAM cejtransport-logistic.com
SCAM centrlbkuae.com
SCAM cfbanking.us
SCAM chase24access.com
SCAM chasebank-ltd.com
SCAM chemicallabus.net
SCAM cherryheavensdispensary.com
SCAM chubbfinanceservices.com
SCAM cimbdirectonline.com
SCAM citibankonlineplc.com
SCAM citibanks.us
SCAM citigroup-finance.com
SCAM citylinkdelivey.com
SCAM classy-puppies.com
SCAM cleandankhouse.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM compraroxicodona.com
SCAM consolminingfx.com
SCAM corgibreedershibainuhome.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM courierpostexpressdelivery.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM covidsafetyppe.org
SCAM cr-maritime.nl
SCAM crestgloexp.com
SCAM crestportb.com
SCAM crspinturaauto.com
SCAM cryptocurrencyworld247.com
SCAM cryptofxstarfx.com rofillon69@hotmail.com
SCAM cryptoprofitearner.com +1-949-356-6786 +1-984-235-9009
SCAM crystalsbk.com kalu psalms
SCAM csvh-pharmaceuticals.com
SCAM ctcgloballinkltd.com
SCAM customer-report.com
SCAM dabsmithlaws.com
SCAM danologistics.com
SCAM darkwebdocuments.com
SCAM dblondonuk.com
SCAM deliveryexpressllc.com
SCAM deliveryexpressllc.com
SCAM deniztpetroleum.com
SCAM detrustwm.com
SCAM deutsches-ag.com
SCAM dibae.net
SCAM digibytesync.net
SCAM dinastywoodtrading.com
SCAM discreetcannabismedshop.com
SCAM dnrdae.com
SCAM dobiehome.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM dovecourierservice.com
SCAM drgreenthumbplug.com
SCAM drugsglobalsales.com
SCAM dsclogisticservice.com
SCAM eaglejetinternational.com nickson maina
SCAM eaglejetsinternational.com nickson maina
SCAM eagleservices.xyz
SCAM easy-loans.online
SCAM easywayscourier.com kalu psalms
SCAM ecowascdp.org +971 52 954 8898 +971529548898
SCAM eddachshundpups.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM edenintercontinental.com
SCAM effortlessmotionlogistics.com
SCAM efirst-trapeza.com
SCAM electronicscablers.com
SCAM emeraldcapitalbank.com
SCAM enacopetroleum.com
SCAM enmorlawgroup.com abdul-afees akewusola
SCAM entreprenaddacksale.com +1 213 935 4098
SCAM equitycouriersservices.com
SCAM ethx2xbonus.com
SCAM ewestfbank.com
SCAM excellenttravelsagency.com
SCAM exoctichousedispensary.com
SCAM exoticcartsandweed.com
SCAM exoticdachshund.com
SCAM experiencecrypto.us
SCAM explicitcreditcapital.com
SCAM expressair-cargo.com
SCAM expressdocuments123.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM expresssdeliverycourier.com
SCAM fabk-online.com
SCAM fadbae.com
SCAM falschgeldunddokumente.net
SCAM fastdocuments24hrs.com
SCAM fastmaxdeliverylogistics.com
SCAM fedralpacifics.com
SCAM financialbankunion.org
SCAM firegunsshop.com
SCAM firmstemconstruction.com
SCAM firmstemconstruction.com
SCAM first-caponlinebk.com
SCAM firstclasslawfirm.com
SCAM firstellaintel.com
SCAM firstforcast.com
SCAM firstinvestcapital.com
SCAM firstnationalstandardbank.com
SCAM fiscaltreasury.org
SCAM fixwalletvalidation.com
SCAM flyexpresswest.com
SCAM fr-bnp-paribbas.com
SCAM frenchiespupspot.com
SCAM gatetown-trust.space
SCAM gatewaysecurityltd.com
SCAM georgereynoldsib.com
SCAM gforexmarket.com
SCAM ghdxpress.com
SCAM gkprn.com
SCAM gld-intelex.com
SCAM glob-airjet.com nickson maina
SCAM glob-airjetint.com nickson maina
SCAM glob-airjetintl.com nickson maina
SCAM global-legaldocuments.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM globalcoinsfx.com
SCAM globaldeliverypostalservices.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM globalexpdeliverycompany.com
SCAM globalinvestbankltd.com nickson maina
SCAM globaljetconcepts.com nickson maina
SCAM globallogisticsexpert.com
SCAM globallogisticshipmentservices.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM globallogisticsservice.com
SCAM globalparcelmasters.com
SCAM goldeagleafrica.com nickson maina
SCAM goldrushoptiontrades.com
SCAM gollenexpress.com
SCAM goodfatepharm.com
SCAM gorgeouspoodlepups4homes.com
SCAM goshendelivery.online
SCAM greenfarmslimited.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM greenfleetglobal.com
SCAM grovefxt.com
SCAM guardianminingfx.com
SCAM gunmanshazam.com
SCAM gunsonlineshop.com
SCAM gunsspot.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM gunstraders.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM gunstrades.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM habibtrustreserve.online
SCAM halifaxbltd.com
SCAM happy420shop.com
SCAM havenlyhavenesehome.com
SCAM hcbsavings.com
SCAM healthylifemedshop.com
SCAM hempcureshop.com
SCAM hermescityservice.com
SCAM hitchinvent.com
SCAM hksbus.com
SCAM homeraceshibainubreedres.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM horizoncrestbank.com
SCAM horsehaven-ranch.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM hsbcofficial.com
SCAM huskybreederghome.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM iceymeds.store olouge eya ekolle
SCAM illuminatiworldclub.org
SCAM impactfinancialaid.org
SCAM imperialcats.com
SCAM imperialdeliveryservices.com
SCAM infusedmeds.com
SCAM intelnetbrokers.com
SCAM intelrapid.com
SCAM intercontinentaltransportlogistics.com
SCAM intermonitorfund.com
SCAM interstatesib.com
SCAM investmentscomp.com
SCAM invoiceepayment.com
SCAM ipatente1.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM ipflccbrazialiansugar.com
SCAM irs-hqtgov.com
SCAM jeffmegastore.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM jellresearchchems.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM jlambertmedicals.com
SCAM jneglobalengineering.com +447520622606 rofillon69@hotmail.com
SCAM kenrogerarchitectures.com
SCAM kingedwardviiuk.com
SCAM kryptominings.com
SCAM kuddus-solicitors.com
SCAM kushcom-us-uk.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM lameracfinancial.com
SCAM landglogistics.com
SCAM lawofficeofsaudalkhulaiti.com
SCAM lawsonassociates.pro
SCAM leafnation.storeolouge eya ekolle
SCAM leewrightlegal.com
SCAM legaltrusteecompany.com kalu psalms
SCAM leightoncontarctingqatar.com
SCAM liveshippingexpress.com
SCAM lloydbn.com
SCAM lloydstsbprivate.com
SCAM loansplash.online
SCAM logshipservice.ru
SCAM luxpourtous.biz fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM maitresibaily.com
SCAM maraboutretouraffection.com
SCAM marcapservicesae.com
SCAM marksandspencerfinancialservices.com
SCAM mashreqbank-uae.com nickson maina
SCAM medianapharmastore.com
SCAM meshjobs.net
SCAM metropetdeliveryexpress.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM mhpregistration.com
SCAM midastrade.net
SCAM milvertontravels.com
SCAM minepowercap.com +1 (202) 855-9727
SCAM miningcrypto-currency.com
SCAM ministryofhealth-uae.com
SCAM mojoweedshop.com
SCAM mubadalapetroleumae.com
SCAM nascargologistics.com
SCAM neighboralice.net
SCAM netixglobalexp.com
SCAM neweconomyminingfx.com
SCAM newleafcannabisstore.com
SCAM newworldofficialillumimati.com
SCAM newyorkvertex.com
SCAM nguyentrailers.com
SCAM nijpharma.org
SCAM nk-soyuzneft.ru
SCAM nkttankfarm.com
SCAM nmafricaconsulting.com nickson maina
SCAM nmtmarineterminal.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM northwesterncredit.com
SCAM nosolinedeliveryservices.com abdul-afees akewusola
SCAM novatgloexp.com
SCAM ntwts.com
SCAM nuralinvest.com
SCAM oakshippingcompany.com kalu psalms
SCAM ocamoilandgasservices.com
SCAM officialilluminate.com
SCAM offshorebv.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM offspringpharmacy.com
SCAM ohioib.com
SCAM okangz-tf.com
SCAM omegaexpress-intl.com
SCAM omnigenousconsult.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM onlinedhlexpress.com
SCAM onlinesuntruist.com
SCAM ooonefteprompellets.com
SCAM oxyzpharmacy.com
SCAM packlinscavapoo.net cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM pandemicbenefitteam.com
SCAM pandemrelief.xyz
SCAM pauhanaranchcompany.com
SCAM paxasfinance.com
SCAM pcagh.com
SCAM pcs-services.net
SCAM peacemakergunshop.com
SCAM pembrokewelshcorgibreeder.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM pestcargo.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM petersbirdfarm.com
SCAM pharmabyte.com
SCAM pharmacocure.com
SCAM pinnaclecredistunion.com
SCAM pkftankfarm.ru
SCAM pmmedicalsupplies.com
SCAM pomeranianshomes.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM pommerschewelpenzuverkaufen.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM postpayintel.com
SCAM ppb-finance.com
SCAM premiertransactplc.com
SCAM premiumcannabisflavors.shop - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM premiumfrozenfoods.com
SCAM premiuminvt.com +13163478720
SCAM prime-timefx.com
SCAM primechemglobalmixtures.com
SCAM primemorefx.com
SCAM processminingllc.com
SCAM psychedelicproductsonline.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM ptworldwides.com
SCAM puppieshome123.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM puppiesmarkets.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM qa2022com.com
SCAM raininsuranceltd.com
SCAM rapidtransfer-online.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM rbscgroup.com
SCAM rbsfinancialtrustbank.com
SCAM remastorage.nl
SCAM rescue-bulldogs.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM retrogloexp.com
SCAM revolutionfxm.ltd abdulafees akewusola
SCAM rexintrade.com
SCAM rikairtravelandtour.com
SCAM rikairtravelandtour.com
SCAM rothdeliveries.com
SCAM rottweilershomes.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM roverbassethoundpuppies.com
SCAM royalexpress.space
SCAM royalgiftpharmacy.com
SCAM royalstandardplc.com
SCAM royaltrustbg.com
SCAM rtransferdirect.com - uche onwukwalu
SCAM rtxgraphicscards.com
SCAM rusoil.org
SCAM sadia-brf.com
SCAM safetravel-services.com
SCAM savetrustdeliveryservices.com
SCAM sdchtb-ng.online
SCAM sdchtbk-uk.online
SCAM sdchtbnig.com
SCAM secumobile-care.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM securee-corrp.com
SCAM securtrack.cm fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM sgsugarmum.com
SCAM shannaweedstore.com
SCAM siamesekittenstore.club
SCAM siamesekittenstore.org
SCAM skywaydeliverycompany.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM skyworldcourierservices.com
SCAM smartbitoptions.online
SCAM smith-heritagepartners.com
SCAM smithgreenhouse.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM solutiontrade.net
SCAM spacelinkdelco.com
SCAM speedstarexpress.online
SCAM splendidpuppies.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM springvalleyarmory.com
SCAM srscryptominingfx.com
SCAM stanbicgroupassets.org
SCAM standardcooperative.com
SCAM standardcryptosfx.com
SCAM standardhorses.com 773-309-1686 fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM standardhorses.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM stanfordexpress.com
SCAM stargateoilterminal.com
SCAM starlightds.com
SCAM startexexpressdelivery.com
SCAM stbtrusts.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM steplogisticscompany.com
SCAM sterling-ds.com
SCAM stockyfarm.com
SCAM stoneoilgas.com
SCAM stoneoilgas.com
SCAM submarineoilgas-ae.com
SCAM suntrust-onlinebk.com
SCAM surevaultdeliveryservices.com
SCAM sverigesonlineapotek.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM swiftcourierinc.com
SCAM swiftglobalcompany.com
SCAM swiftupfrontmovers.com
SCAM swissexpressonlineserivce.com
SCAM swissqbk-ch.com
SCAM synextrade.com
SCAM tabakoronigoldsarl.com
SCAM tbestmedsonline.com
SCAM tdonlineplc.com
SCAM teetunengineering.com
SCAM teetunengineering.com
SCAM tekyerlawfirm.com
SCAM tenacitystorage.com
SCAM tenemus.com
SCAM terificbichonshome.com
SCAM terrificpoodleshome.com
SCAM thenewvisionpharmacy.com
SCAM thepuppyling.com
SCAM thevertexinvestors.com
SCAM thomasweed.com
SCAM thompsonpcapitals.com
SCAM thompsonpcapitalsgroup.com
SCAM thrivecapitalinvestment.com
SCAM tkmalino.com
SCAM tohda.org
SCAM tompfinancialgroup.com
SCAM topcarbonateddrinks.com
SCAM topglobal-express.org
SCAM torontofederalbank.com
SCAM totallinedelivery.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM towercapitalbank.com
SCAM toyotapartsdirect.net
SCAM toypoodlebreeder.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM transacting-shippingcompany.com
SCAM trudeaurealestateoutlook.com
SCAM trustdiamondloancompany.com
SCAM trustedalliancefoundation.com
SCAM trustfederalbank.com
SCAM turnerloanfirm.com
SCAM ukkorsarneft.ru
SCAM ultimateadvancetravelstourism.com
SCAM undiplomaticcourier.org nickson maina
SCAM uplexportcom.com
SCAM ups-globallogisticcarrier.com - olouge eya ekolle
SCAM urbplc.com
SCAM us-bosch.net
SCAM usbnp-pbny.online
SCAM usmcmil.us
SCAM usmillitaryvacations.com
SCAM usrescuefund.com
SCAM vapecartsonlineshop.com
SCAM vasttrustalliant.com
SCAM vinepb.com
SCAM vintageconveyance.com
SCAM vintageib.com
SCAM virginiapharmaceuticalcorporation.com
SCAM vostokbunker.com
SCAM walletswebconnectslive.com abdulafees akewusola
SCAM we-loan.online
SCAM weavercapitalbank.com
SCAM webpancakeswapwallets.com
SCAM websterunionsbank.com
SCAM webvalidation-sync.com
SCAM weedalp.com
SCAM weeddispensary.shop olouge eya ekolle
SCAM weexcelglobaldelivery.com
SCAM wellsfargoprivate.com
SCAM weloancredit.com
SCAM welsfcbk.casa
SCAM wenleydreamrottweiler.com - ayan mawandia
SCAM wesbancofederal.com
SCAM westernretrievers.com
SCAM westernyorkiepups.com
SCAM westminsterint.com kalu psalms
SCAM westsidfirearmsstore.com
SCAM wetlinkbank.com
SCAM wfxoption.com
SCAM widecargologistics.com
SCAM wildco-bv.com
SCAM xpclogistics.com
SCAM xplicitprimehunter.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM xpologisticservice.com
SCAM xsenderlogistics.com
SCAM yorkshireparadise.com
SCAM your-drugs.com
SCAM zoneglobalexp.com

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