507 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites

Lists of websites that we have identified as being used for scam purposes, including impersonating real companies or posing as fake companies or agencies. They fall into several scam categories. It was easier for us to list them rather than post them separately. Read Scam Websites
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507 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Websites


Unread post by Garrett » Fri Jul 16, 2021 5:11 am

For further information on these Scams, please Read Identifying Scammers and Scam Websites! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! or click below on these images

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These are lists of scams and scam websites which we do not have the time to actually categorize or can be used in multiple scams. Besides the categorizes we highlight, they may include Next of Kin, Trunk Box Scam, Dying Widow, Rich Orphan, Payment Representative, Fake FBI, Fake Compensation Scam, Sextortion scam, Romance Scam, etc.

SCAM 420apotek.com
SCAM 420kushboutique.com
SCAM abbeylwltduk.com
SCAM abgroupspolkazoo.com
SCAM abifadventures.com
SCAM abortionpillssclinic.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM ad-astra-recovery-services.com
SCAM adopjoes.com +1 (910) 745-6458 / +1 (404)5941201
SCAM advancecomfundsinc.com
SCAM aglcourierservice.com
SCAM agricanoagrocoltd.com
SCAM agro-manufacturer.com james mainga
SCAM agromictrading.com james mainga
SCAM agrosuppliesltd.com
SCAM aircourierpetservice.com
SCAM aistonsafedelivery.com
SCAM akadeedgroup.com
SCAM alisonshipping.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM alktrading.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM allgeneralmerchandise.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM allpsychedelicproducts.com
SCAM almeratusrnb.com
SCAM almexfreightservice.com
SCAM alnasmahco.com
SCAM altraglobaltradingcoltd.com - ngwa godwin ngwanih
SCAM americanshippingexpress.com
SCAM ammiak-service.ru
SCAM amotavatsfcollc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM anabolicsteriodspharmashop.com
SCAM anchoragelogistics.com
SCAM angloagriculturesrl.com
SCAM anxietysolutionpharmacy.com
SCAM anxietytreats.com
SCAM ao-orenburgnefteotdacha.ru
SCAM apexsunoil.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM apllogistics.us
SCAM applaystation5.com +702) 687-8071 / +1(657) 234-1017
SCAM apportapportcompany.com
SCAM arabdrugsmarket.net
SCAM armamentdepott.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM armsandammunitions.com
SCAM arvbsk.com
SCAM asagroupsa.com
SCAM asitapapercartonltd.com james mainga
SCAM astesbv.com
SCAM atlanticstorages.com
SCAM australianshepherdforsale.net
SCAM authenticdocments.com
SCAM babeljets.com
SCAM bacclaysb.online
SCAM baltneftegazservice.ru
SCAM barclyuk.com
SCAM baringlobalinc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM bash-tekhnika.ru
SCAM bbplc.net
SCAM bceao-togo.com
SCAM becslab.com +702) 687-8071 / +1(657) 234-1017
SCAM berezovs-nk.com
SCAM betatradingllc.online (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM bicecbank.com
SCAM blackseaoil.ru
SCAM boss-gear.net
SCAM breedbulls.com
SCAM breedthepugs.com
SCAM breedthepugshome.com
SCAM brfsaglobal-br.com
SCAM brilliantgoldenretrieverhome.com
SCAM btcprivatekeyrecovery.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM buymagicmushrooms.org
SCAM buymedicalpharmapillsonline.com
SCAM calibrassdispensary.com
SCAM cannabiseazy.com
SCAM cannabisonlinekaufen.com
SCAM capitalgateservices.com
SCAM cargopest.com
SCAM cargoway-logistic.com
SCAM cash-net-usa.net
SCAM cavapoopuppies2013.net
SCAM cbbfinan.com
SCAM cgts-insurance.com
SCAM check-city-loans.com
SCAM cherrystreetpharmacy.com
SCAM chikorncoop.com +(66) 83-231-9409
SCAM chromesecuritiessdc.com
SCAM cindypitbulls.com
SCAM cjsc-nemoil.ru
SCAM classicdachshundpups.com
SCAM classypuppyhome.com
SCAM coloradodispensaryshop.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM communitycbank.com
SCAM component-oil.ru
SCAM comprarpercocet.com
SCAM containersalesau.com
SCAM cordelfood.com
SCAM corgianddachshund.com
SCAM corsaireuropeholding.com
SCAM cr-maritime.nl
SCAM creativemerits.net +6281334515038
SCAM credencapital.online
SCAM crusdebordeaux.com
SCAM cutebernedoodle.com
SCAM cyxtrading.com
SCAM dachshundpuppiesforhappyfamilies.com
SCAM dahsingsbnk.com
SCAM dalnevostokbunker.ru
SCAM dangogrowptyltd.com
SCAM dannyboxerpuppies.com
SCAM dannywesthighlandterrierpups.com
SCAM detsvenskaapoteket.com
SCAM dinnovatradingllc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM discreetcannabismedshop.com
SCAM dispenserdicannabis.com
SCAM dreamreptiles.com
SCAM dynamiclabradorpups.com
SCAM dynavexmedical.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM eaglejetinternational.com
SCAM eaglejetsinternational.com
SCAM eagletransaltantic.com
SCAM easytradeinternational.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM ecowascdpghana.org
SCAM edenvaltrading.com
SCAM effexdelivery.com
SCAM egoldendoodle.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM empirefireguns.com
SCAM emsexpressservice.com
SCAM epiphanypaws.com
SCAM epoffic-comsetu.com
SCAM erostinger.com
SCAM escadagrp.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM etcullinanhk.com +6281334515038
SCAM eurobunkeringservice.com
SCAM evolutionlogisticdelivery.com
SCAM exoticsflowers.com
SCAM exoticsvapeshop.com
SCAM express-cargomail.com
SCAM expressdc.online
SCAM expresslegitdocs.com
SCAM expressmailfreight.com
SCAM expressresearchchem.com
SCAM expresstradingimportandexport.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM exshroom.com
SCAM fabcapitaltrust.com
SCAM fabk-online.com
SCAM farabi.us
SCAM farmaciaossicodone.com
SCAM fastwindshippinglogistics.com
SCAM fastwingexpress.com
SCAM fastxpressdocuments.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM faustoenglishbulldogshome.com
SCAM fcpoodlepuppies.com
SCAM fedexshippingservices.com
SCAM ferrexportco.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM fervexmedshop.com
SCAM fibcapitaltrust.com
SCAM finestmicropomeranian.com
SCAM firearmsgunstore.com
SCAM firstwavebank.com
SCAM flypetscargo.com
SCAM fmbcapitaltrust.com
SCAM fransebulldogfokker.com
SCAM friendlyrottweilers.com ayan mawandia
SCAM frostcannabisshop.com
SCAM frostcannabisweedshop.com
SCAM frozenchickensuppliers.com
SCAM fscholding.com james mainga
SCAM ftdbceaotogo.com
SCAM ftktradingspzoo.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM garant-bunker.ru
SCAM garkolena-group.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM gazserviceterminal.ru
SCAM gentlestaffordshire.com ayan mawandia
SCAM germanshepherdspuppiesspot.com
SCAM getnebosh.com
SCAM ggpharmaceuticals.com
SCAM globalairexpresslogistic.com
SCAM globalchemicalshopers.net
SCAM globalconlogistic.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM globalconnectexpressltd.com
SCAM globalconnectexpressltd.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM globalinvestbankltd.com
SCAM globalinvestmentbankuae.com
SCAM globalmagicmushroom.com
SCAM globalpostal-services.com
SCAM globalshippersltd.com
SCAM globalventurescapital.com
SCAM globectb.online
SCAM gloriouschihuahuapups.com
SCAM glotransportlogistics.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM goldeagleafrica.com
SCAM goldmeg.com
SCAM gpaktrades.com
SCAM gppms.com
SCAM greenbudleaf.com
SCAM greenhousebudstore.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM greenlifemedications.com
SCAM grincreditinvestec.com
SCAM grossakriltd.com james mainga
SCAM gtiinvestments.com
SCAM guidaveloce-autentica.com (fraude) +393512726608
SCAM guidaveloce-e-autentica.com
SCAM gunnsforsale.com
SCAM gusinoozerskiy-npz.com
SCAM happyexotickittens.com
SCAM hcbnk.com
SCAM hdslogisticsltd.com
SCAM healthymaltipoo.com
SCAM healthyreptiles.com
SCAM hksswedenab.com
SCAM hobdeliverylogistics.com
SCAM hoblglobalshippingcompany.com
SCAM hofgloballogistics.com
SCAM hoglogisticsworldwide.com
SCAM holistichealingwithcbd.com
SCAM homepugs.com
SCAM homeraisedachshunds.com
SCAM hromadska-orsphr.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM hyipway.com
SCAM illuminatearts.net
SCAM illuminati-brazil.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM illuminatilodge.org
SCAM illurninati.org
SCAM indelbergip.com +6281334515038
SCAM indexammunition.com
SCAM infusedmeds420.com
SCAM infusedpsychedelics.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM intisalaamenergi.com +6281334515038 +622158906253
SCAM intlserviceltd.com
SCAM investbank-uae.com
SCAM investmentscompanyplc.com
SCAM isbintl.com
SCAM islahomelabradors.com
SCAM istanbulfcu.com
SCAM itatskynpz.ru
SCAM ivylabradorpuppies.com
SCAM jaalprudahcapitals.com
SCAM janaamazingonlinepharmacy.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM jasminepetzone.com
SCAM jerseytowercapital.com
SCAM jm-transservice.com
SCAM joelkenfood.com
SCAM joelkenfoods.com
SCAM joinilluminatiamcommunity.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM joinilluminatiamworld.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM joinilluminatisecretsociety.org
SCAM jointhe-illuminatibrotherhood.org
SCAM jsc-snpz.ru
SCAM jsctokarevskayapoultryfarm.com
SCAM jungle420medsdispensary.com
SCAM junglespotexotic.com
SCAM kbmotorslimited.com
SCAM kendagolimited.com james mainga
SCAM kingcharlespuppies.net
SCAM kings-logistics.com
SCAM kingtradings.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM kirmaxtrading.com ngwa godwin ngwanih
SCAM klodallgroup24.com
SCAM kokonuggzofficial.com
SCAM kondoexpress.com
SCAM kulyushevneft.ru
SCAM kush420pro.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM kushbud420store.com
SCAM kztrading-bv.com
SCAM laketrustfcu.com
SCAM lakushka.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM lancasterpuppyshop.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM larryfambulldogs.com
SCAM legaltrusteecompany.com kalu psalms
SCAM legitglobaldocs.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM lendup-loans.com
SCAM lenduploans.net
SCAM liberalshippinglog.com
SCAM lifeboostr.com
SCAM livinaholding.com
SCAM llcagroklassoil.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM llcpelletsmarketplace.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM llcterminalgroup.ru
SCAM lloydbn.com
SCAM loganpuppybreeders.com ayan mawandia
SCAM logistikstar.ru
SCAM lsbankarizona.com
SCAM macjerrysunfloweroil.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM magicmushroomandpsychedelic.com
SCAM magicmushroomproduct.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM maksahrotekservislimitd.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM manuelkelinsurance.com james mainga
SCAM manuelkelproductltd.com james mainga
SCAM marksinagriculturalllc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM marlyshipchandler.net
SCAM mashreqbank-uae.com
SCAM maticglobalexpress.com
SCAM mattsgloballogistics.com
SCAM mavinfinancial.com
SCAM mayaspethome.com
SCAM mayaspethome.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM mayerfredlegal.com
SCAM maynarddachshunds.com
SCAM med24supplier.com
SCAM medicalpillpharmacy.com
SCAM medikamenteonlinekaufen.com
SCAM megafirearmsgunstore.com
SCAM megatrustfcu.com
SCAM mercury-logistics.nl
SCAM mgkuniversalmaritimelogistics.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM migration-status.com
SCAM minicutepuppies.com
SCAM miralejossacifiya.com
SCAM morztransit.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM mullenglobal.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM mullengloballlc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM multibrandsupplies.com
SCAM myammoreloadshop.com
SCAM mybabypug.com
SCAM mzanzilivestock.com
SCAM naftaengineering.ru
SCAM nanapagroquali.net
SCAM natwestb.com
SCAM navitrans-tankfarm.ru
SCAM neboshonlineverification.com
SCAM neftekhimcapital.ru
SCAM neftekhimsnab.ru
SCAM nep-terminal.com
SCAM nexeccourierservices.com
SCAM ngeyicourierservices.com +1 501 485-0902
SCAM nkflot.com +6281334515038 +74908800010
SCAM nlcdispensary.com
SCAM nmafricaconsulting.com gold scam
SCAM nosolinedeliveryservices.com
SCAM novolog.nl
SCAM nuproductenbv.com james mainga
SCAM o2-logistics.ru
SCAM oceankingexportcoltd.com james mainga
SCAM oceankingexportltd.com james mainga
SCAM octavetitleescrows.com
SCAM oils-supply.com
SCAM oilsupply.biz
SCAM oiltankstorage.ru
SCAM okangz-tf.com
SCAM omegabudshop.com
SCAM organichealingrso.com
SCAM originalincenseshop.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM orionmegatrade.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM orionsarl.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM otisagro.com
SCAM otisaircon.com
SCAM otiscosmetics.com
SCAM otisialiment.com
SCAM otisifiresupplies.com
SCAM otisifoods.com
SCAM otisilubricants.com
SCAM otisimedinegoce.com
SCAM otisimednegoce.com
SCAM otisimedsupply.com
SCAM otisimpex.com
SCAM otisipetroequip.com
SCAM otisipharmasupply.com
SCAM otisipharmed.com
SCAM ousba.net
SCAM paceco.org
SCAM pafssarl.com
SCAM painmedpills.com
SCAM pamscavapoopuppies.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM parcelmoversusa.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM parrotslover.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM pastillasfarmacia.net
SCAM pcmptycontainer.com
SCAM pcmptyltdcompany.com
SCAM peacemakergunshop.com
SCAM perfectpomeranianhome.com
SCAM perfectwrincklebullies.com ayan mawandia
SCAM petersonfrenchbulls.com
SCAM petsloveuae.com
SCAM pharmacyno.com
SCAM pillerochherion.com
SCAM pitbullbully.com
SCAM platonov-neftebaza.ru
SCAM polarpomeranianhome.com
SCAM pomeranianhome.com
SCAM poodlestoyhome.com
SCAM premiumwoodllc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM primebuds420.com
SCAM primeonlinepharmacy.com
SCAM primoglobalshipping.com
SCAM procreativelab.com
SCAM protectlextrading.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM proweedworld.com
SCAM psychedelicsmade.com
SCAM pwanisisalltd.com james mainga
SCAM queensyorkshire.com ayan mawandia
SCAM realexoticcarts.com
SCAM reliableexpressmail.com
SCAM reptilesbreeder.com
SCAM reptilesbreeders.com
SCAM researchcargologistics.com
SCAM ridgeint.com
SCAM riponfcu.com
SCAM ritalinworld.us
SCAM rockspeedshippinglogistics.com
SCAM rokowhiskeystore.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM rottweilernpitbulls.com
SCAM royalexpressmailservice.com
SCAM royaltygenuinetravel.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM saifshipping.com james mainga
SCAM sareptatd.com
SCAM sboaonline-za.com
SCAM schengen-documents.com
SCAM scrumtradingcoltd.com
SCAM seaanmaycattery.com
SCAM seanegnlishbulldogs.com
SCAM securewaysexpress.com
SCAM shenyupharmaceuticalchem.com
SCAM shippinglinerusflot.ru
SCAM sibneftetransproekt.com
SCAM sintalagric.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM sisalfiberlimited.com
SCAM skyfastarabdelivery.com
SCAM skylinkgloballogistics.com
SCAM skymaildeliveryservice.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM skymedeconomyltd.com
SCAM skymedlimited.com james mainga
SCAM smaycattery.com ayan mawandia
SCAM solacecourier.com
SCAM sotarovaktcllc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM speedconnectdelivery.com
SCAM ssdchemicallaboratory.in +91-8929620835
SCAM standardaccuratetrust.com
SCAM stbtrusts.xyz
SCAM stonermaltesehome.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM strainscart.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM sunantakasanuchltd.com
SCAM sunsetinternationalshippers.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM sunwardpharmacoltd.com
SCAM superlabpups.com james mainga
SCAM surgut-transhipment.ru
SCAM svl-mts.ru
SCAM tatneftazszapad.ru
SCAM teacuphome.com
SCAM teximgmbh.com
SCAM thairiceindustryltd.com
SCAM thaliahbabiesworld.com
SCAM thebreededreptiles.com
SCAM theilluminatia.com
SCAM theilluminatirecrutment.org
SCAM theoriginalincenseshop.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM thepsychedelicvision.com fopa innocent & eric chimi
SCAM thequalitytripshopcom.com
SCAM thinktomorrow-bv.com james mainga
SCAM tk-logistic.ru
SCAM tomiltrader.com
SCAM topagroproductssupply.com
SCAM topssdsolutions.com
SCAM topwhiskyexchange.com
SCAM tov-vap.com.ua (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM trans-airways.com
SCAM trans-watsa.org
SCAM transamericanglobalshipping.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM transavtokomplekt.ru
SCAM transboloreairways.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM transbvlogistics
SCAM trippymind.com
SCAM trippypsych.com
SCAM troitskneft.com
SCAM troopscareusarmy.site
SCAM truelegancehavanesepuppies.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM trustshieldsecuritycompany.com
SCAM undiplomaticcourier.org
SCAM unibankint.net
SCAM unionmetal.ru (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM uniquexpresscourier.com olouge eya ekolle
SCAM united-airlines-bookings.us
SCAM unitedbb.online
SCAM unitedparcelsservice.com
SCAM universalscrapexporter.com
SCAM untbtg.com
SCAM upvaultsshipping.com
SCAM usamilitaryboard.site
SCAM usmedstores.com
SCAM usmilitaryofficial.org
SCAM uspscarrriers.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM uspstransit.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM valtstorage.nl
SCAM venturebulldogs.com
SCAM vicarextradingllc.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM vincashtrading.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM vipliquidmercury.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)
SCAM visionchihuahuas.com cedric ngwa che-azeh
SCAM vofstorage.nl - princewill opah
SCAM vostneftegaz.ru
SCAM vostokneftllc.ru
SCAM wacobca.org
SCAM wahma.org
SCAM wahpa.org
SCAM wamiho.org
SCAM wbungrants.com
SCAM wdgloballogistics.com
SCAM weedmedshop.com
SCAM westinconstructionhotel.com james mainga
SCAM whizztradingltd.com
SCAM wideclogistics.com
SCAM wingatetrust.online
SCAM xanaxanxiety.com
SCAM yarneftoil.com
SCAM zapa-trading.com james mainga
SCAM zappa-trading.com james mainga
SCAM zapsibtrade.ru +6281334515038 +79855240598
SCAM zauberpilzcal.com
SCAM zendexlogistics.com
SCAM zunliamsmntrading.com (ngwa godwin ngwanih)

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