Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi

Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:39 pm

Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi

Scammer's known aliases: Ewangi Billion, Mr. Gavin Kim, Anant sharma, anant Ball, robertrenel, manuellast, mick lovert, Tom Dree, Justin Donovan, Blue Way Pet Shippers, Pet-pal Shippers-pet Relocation, Ocean Pet Shippers, CROWN PET SHIPPERS

Scammer's known email addresses: flypetsshippers@gmail.com, bobmicheal96@yahoo.com, julio.maxi@yahoo.com, springpetshippers@live.com, ashlys68@gmail.com, mark.shaver1@yahoo.com, gpglobalairpettransport@gmail.com, tananfranklyn@yahoo.com, nyangafish@yahoo.com, kingsleypuppies@yahoo.com, kingsleypuppieshouse@yahoo.com, tonybarrets@yahoo.co.uk, tinyteacuppuppies8@gmail.com, bigboypuppies@yahoo.com, puppiesdraem@yahoo.com, michaeldede10@yahoo.com, frankbrownbb@yahoo.com, frankbrown100@gmail.com, frankbrownbb@yahoo.co.uk, dream.puppy@yahoo.com, bestofpups@gmail.com, bluespringshippers@live.com, blueway.petshippers@consultant.com, oceanpetshippers@gmail.com, courtney.mark1@yahoo.com

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23797573055, 23775572243, 23775016237, 447031886674, 447031875774, 447023063676, 447023057880, 447031828258, 447031865638, 447055164649, 8702108390, 4792701829, 9123766741, 5014760338

Main scammer picture: Image

Personal profile link He deleted his Facebook account

Profile screenshot
Personal profile link

http://pixchat.hi5.com/friend/p18113820 ... NUEL--html
Profile screenshot

Profile information

Hi5 information;
Âge 22
Anniversaire 8 avril
A propos de moi
This is the contact page of a website he had with a couple of friends;

Link to real ID http://www.cmclick.com/2006%20AL%20Result%20Brd.pdf
Real ID info
Passed in 3 Subjects: 97

Scam link http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-479-270-1829
Scam text/format

Did you get a call from 479-270-1829? Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
Country: USA
Location: Arkansas (Fayetteville, Fort Smith)

24 Feb 2010
received a call from this number trying to arrange delivery of a pet bird
they sent me an email from south west pet carrriers saying that if i wire transfer money to this person they will deliver my bird that i was adopting.
also they are working with someone posting ads on birds up for adoption.
then they play along and even send you pictures. they say they are from tennesse and west virginia.
Caller: mick lovert / emmanuel ebai
Tiffany Nguyen
24 Mar 2010
Alright, So I've been trying to adopt a teacup Maltese. & this shipping agency/ company called me & it was from "CROWN PET SHIPPERS" & they sent me an email and everything telling me how to send them money to ship the puppy that I am wanting to adopt from kingsleypuppieshouse.co.cc.
They told me to send the money to Tiko, Cameroon through Western Union. I've been sending them money which is about a week now of $250. But I stopped because I got suspicious. I honestly don't know if I'm being scammed or not. I even asked them to refund the money, at first they said that they couldn't do anything about it. & I started yelling at them over the phone, and now they said that they'd get back to me. Im so ANGRY!
Caller: Crown Pet Shippers
Mike and fiona
13 Apr 2010
They called me a guy about a dog for free.add on oodle. I dont want to be to detailed and he said they used crown shippers and the cost was around 200. These bastards need something done. I almost fell for it but the ad said pa and the email said ohio. liars.

If anybody can help me, i want these a**holes busted.
Caller: 479-270-1829
23 Apr 2010
This guy "Justin Donovan" wrote me this,
Hello Ivan, The shipping cost including the crate of the puppy is $240 and you will be paying directly to the pets delivery agency so that they can uptain the puppy with a home delivery card,activate the card then set the puppy for shipping to your home.in other for me to arrange the puppy for shipping and also do the change of ownership papers from names to yours,i will like you to get back to me with the following information below
Your names in full.
House and street address.
Hone numbers.
Mobile number
City and state.
Full email address.
Once all the details are accurately provided over to me,i will proceed with the delivery registration and also the transfer of ownership papers and note that payment for shipping will be done directly to the shipping company so that they can uptain the puppy with a home delivery ticket before the puppy will be set for delivery to your home. I will pay for the registration and the shipping agents will contact you and tell you how to pay the $240 to them directly.hope you will take very good care of the puppy for that is my greatest desire.
do get back to me if we can arrange for shipping to your home tomorrow.the puppy will be ship from Ohio to your home.doe let know the sex you will love to have so that i can send you pictures.
Await Your Prompt Reply

HAHA thank god I gave him a fake name and checked his number out before I took action, this guy needs to stop.
Caller: Justin Donovan
3 May 2010
They wrote this to me:

Thanks for the prompt reply.I must say i am very happy for the fact that you really want to provide this puppy with the best forever home that she needs.I have attach some picture of the pup to you and hope you love it.As for my location, presently at the moment i am in Arkansas so i am here with these puppies. But that not withstanding,if you can come down for the pick up, then i will be very happy to let you have her but if otherwise then i can still used an alternative by using A Pet Delivery Service that will get the puppy to you at your door step and all you will pay is just the shipping fee of $200 and nothing more for i really need a re/home for these puppies for i got no time to provide them with the best forever home that these puppies need at the moment o.k. So if you need me to ship and deliver the pup then i will be very happy to do that when ever you have the permission to get the pup home.And once i am done with the registration at the shipment agency,the shipment agency will have to contact you with all the delivery information as regard the the departure and the arrival time of Melvis at your door step with all the papers included also with a travel crate.So all you shall be paying with shipment inclusive is $200 and you shall be paying this fee directly to the shipment agency because they will have to issue you with some documents like {Home delivery card,puppies crates matriculation number and a change of ownership documents from my names to yours to prove that you are the rightful owner for these puppies.} So i will also need your full home address in this order to arrange for the shipping of Melvis.
Your Full names.................
Your Full House address...........
City and Zip code..................
Land line Number .......
Mobile number
So please i will be very grateful to hear from you soonest.

Claimed their name was Tom Dree
This number keeps calling me and im getting pretty damn pissed off. I really did want the siberian husky. Im glad i wasnt scammed though
Caller: 479-270-1829/ BlueWay pet Shippers
red marsh
4 May 2010
we were emailing back and forth with them for a week but finally got suspicious when they wouldn't give me the shipping company name and when they finally did, this company from rogers arkansas said they were from blue way pet shippers. they have the same exact m.o.d. i hope they get caught.
Caller: blue way pet shippers
13 May 2010
I am glad that I did a search on this BLUE WAY PET SHIPPERS. I too am suppose to send $200 for shipping of a 11week old Pomranian puppy. I was a little sceptical because I have been in touch with an actual breed of Pomerianian puppies in WV and she is charging $800 total to pay for & ship the puppy and the payment is to be made through PayPal, which is verifiable. In addition the pics that this person using BLUE WAY PET SHIPPERS sent me of the puppy looked FAKE, like it was a toy!!

Please don't get scammed by these people, they don't care who they get money from, anybody who will fall for it they will take it. I even told them that I work for the Atlanta Police Dept. & that is not even stopping them.

They won't get my money. I will have to reserve & pay full price for the puppy that I desire from a reputable breeder. I guess you get what you pay for.
Caller: Blue Way Pet Shippers
19 May 2010
sounds like the same guy who only today tried to scam me... Alaskan malamutes was what i was after, £150 for the shipping he told me.. then some fake company called crown pet shippers called saying i had to pay using western union, saying it was through friends and family, then i would recieve some code that i had to then phoned back with......luckerly im cleaver enough to look into things... ashley he called himself, although i have since found him on another site selling the same pups under the name of nicholas,and derek..... his phone number is 07023 057880.... comes across as being jamican or african...
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jim replies to max
19 May 2010
Been over many site's with the same guy selling the same pups over and over.. called the number, and he answered... he said he has 2 malamutes,female and male.. 11 weeks old. £300 for shipping through CROWN PET SHIPPERS.. thank god i came across ur mail, i had a feeling it was 2 good to be true. Hes on oddle.com calling himself derek, although i found him again on there under the name of amy... w**ker!!
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17 Jul 2010
omg the same thing happend to me i was going to buy a husky on oodle and i was emailing back in forth with i guy named soct mak beware of him hes still on oolde he said that i only had to pay $220 shipping comp. called BLUE WAY PET SHIPPING THERE fakes omg thank god i was smart and look up every thing i feel bad cuz i really wanted a husky they keep calling there number is 870-210-8390
Caller: 870-210-8390

Scam link http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?t=31447&page=52
Scam text/format

Kingsley Puppies (Cameroon Pet Scam Fraud
http://www.kingsleypuppies.co.cc Dead=====> http://www.kingsleypuppies.page.tl Dead
Scam link

http://www.freeadscity.com/search/l_CA- ... d_puppies/
Scam text/format

Tiny & Cute T-cup Puppies Available full ad TINY & CUTE T-CUP PUPPIES AVAILABLE - $250

we are given out these our puppies to a lovely home, they our: TEACUP SIZE MALTESE PUPPIES :: TEACUP SIZE POMERANIAN PUPPIES :: TEACUP SIZE YORKSHIRE PUPPIES :: TEACUP SIZE CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES :: you can check on or web site [url]http://www.kingsleypuppie*shouse.co.cc[/url] [url]http://www.kingsleypuppie*shouse.co.cc[/url] just let us to know the one you will be needing. CONTACT us kingsleypuppieshou*se@yahoo.com

Tom (Vista, California) E-mail Web site
Scam link http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/arc ... 4-p-4.html
Scam text/format

http://www.kingsleypuppieshouse.page.tl/ Dead
Email: kingsleypuppieshouse@yahoo.com

IP addresses :

More scams from Ebai Emmanuel;
Emails: tonybarrets@yahoo.co.uk / tinyteacuppuppies8@gmail.com
Telephones: +44(0) 703 182 8258 / 07031828258
+1(123) 797 573 055 / 1 123 797 573 055 / 237 97573055 / 237 9757 3055
+1 479 270 1829 / 479-270-1829
http://www.cybercrimeops.com/forums/sho ... 028&page=6
http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/sho ... 294&page=2
http://puppiesdraems.page.tl/ Dead
Telephones: 07031865638 / 01233 331 111 / 233 3311111 / 01456874592 / Tony +1 479 270 1829
Email: puppiesdraem@yahoo.com / michaeldede10@yahoo.com / frankbrownbb@yahoo.com / frankbrown100@gmail.com / frankbrownbb@yahoo.co.uk
http://www.ripoffreport.com/shipping-co ... -pbw43.htm
Pet-pal Shippers-pet Relocation

Gouala Nationwide
Phone: 479-270-1829
Web Address:

Category: Shipping Companies

Submitted: Saturday, July 25, 2009
Posted: Saturday, July 25, 2009
i also found a puppy on oodle,com for only 200$ plus shipping to my door from seattle....wired the money,talked with the seller daily assuring me it was a respectable shipping service......then they call and say i have to pay a 800$ insurance policy on the puppy....the e-mail said it was from a actual airline control center so i thought it was ok....

so i wired the money,then for 3 days they kept demanding more money,for shots,special crates and so on....total asked for was 3600.00$ because the puppy was really coming out of toronto,canada
they call me at all hours of the night saying that i own the dog and must pay the money.

i dont know what to do,i took out loans that i cant pay back because they say you only get refunded if the puppy gets delivered...if i dont keep paying i lose it all
i feel very stupid
Email: bestofpups@gmail.com
Telephone: +1 479 270 1829 / 479-270-1829
http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/arc ... 4-p-2.html
11 November 2009, 02:07
Here's another from Assoua Achille Brice Eteki and his little gang;

http://dreampuppies.co.cc/ redirects to http://dreampuppy.page.tl/ Dead
Telephone: 00447031865638 / 447031865638 / 7031865638 / 07031865638
1-479-270-1829 / 479-270-1829 / 4792701829
Email: dream.puppy@yahoo.com / bestofpups@gmail.com
http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/arc ... 4-p-6.html
30 June 2010, 19:34
Ocean Pet Shippers
http://www.oceanpetshippers.com.nu redirected to http://www.oceanpetshippers.page.tl
870-210-8390 / (870) 210 8390 / 870 210-8390
44 07023063676 / 4407023063676 / 447023063676 / 44070223063676
44 07031886674 / 44 7031886674 / 447031886674 / 4407031886674
Blue Way Pet Shippers

Domain: bluewaypetshippers.com
Registration Date: 2010-04-07
Expiration Date: 2012-04-07

blueway petshippers
1720 Copper Penny Drive
Chula, Vist california, 91915
PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:32 pm Post subject: petshippersexpress.page.tl Reply with quote

©PET SHIPPERS EXPRESS 2010 Customer Service UK 07023063676 OR 07031886674 US AND CANADA +1 870-210-8390


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Re: Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:43 pm

More scams to be added to Ebail Emmanuel Ewangi's long list;

http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/sho ... 63&page=20
17 June 2011, 16:55

Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Texas, USA
Timezone: GMT -6
Another victim
Ah gee, I wish I was smart enough to find this earlier. It was a little too late for me. I realized it was a fraud when they were asking for insurance. Reported to IC3 and the police. Not expecting any money back though.
I'm just so frustrated, but glad I didn't lose too much...

I hope more people see this warning. Here are the details for my scam.

The "delivery" company: gpglobalairpettransport@gmail.com
The "owner": tananfranklyn@yahoo.com
ZIP CODE--------- 00237

You will need a test question and answer . Use the information below as test question and answer


May 31 2011, 5:12 amAmin(Providence, United States)

also just tried to scam me for baby dobermans. posted an ad in NYC turns out he supposedly lives http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1476- ... 7447_zpid/

http://florida.global-free-classified-a ... 30552.html

the 11 week old english bull dog puppies

Nice Frisian gelding available for re homing ,Please for more information and pictures, get back to me using this email address (tananfranklyn@yahoo.com)

Cute Boxer puppies available for re homing ,Please for more information and pictures, get back to me using this email address (tananfranklyn@yahoo.co

the dobermans in NC

Outstanding Siberian husky puppies available ,Please for more information and pictures, get back to me using this email address tananfranklyn@yahoo.com . ...

Two Boston terrier puppies available ,Please for more information and pictures, get back to me using this email address (tananfranklyn@yahoo.com) ...

Feb 24, 2011... available for re homing ,Please for more information and pictures, get back to me using this email address (tananfranklyn@yahoo.com) .

Google the email address, madd things come up. what a b:-tch this guy is

Apr 30 2011, 6:30 pmGuest(United States)
This is the e-mail address that he uses, tananfranklyn@yahoo.com. Which is also his name.

Apr 26 2011, 3:38 pmGuest(United States)
supposedly a dog breeder! DO NOT believe him! Scammed me out of $800!
http://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewto ... 31&p=43130
Re: Kingsley Puppies
by Mike Wilson on Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:35 pm

The latest websites for the fake shipping company used by this scammer:

http://springpetsshippers.page.tl < latest fake shipping company site

Telephone numbers +1 870-210-8390, +1 501-476-0338 and +1 912-376-6741

Email springpetshippers@live.com

These sites will be reported soon.

Edit: another email address associated with this scam:
Ashly Smith - ashlys68@gmail.com
http://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewto ... 36&t=15058
Friesian Horse scam - Mark Shaver - mark.shaver1@yahoo.com
by Mike Wilson on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:17 am

Friesian Horse scam - Mark Shaver - mark.shaver1@yahoo.com 501 476 0338
IP_: Cameroon, Africa

Claims to be located in Los Angles, California
Telephone number (501) 476-0338 resolovers to Little Rock Arkansas and is the same telephone number used by puppy scammers located in Cameroon, Africa.

Out standing Black Friesian Stallion for Adoption
thanks for the mail, i have attach some pictures of Mack to this mail
Mack is an excellent and outstanding friesian horse. He has no health problem and no

issues. i know you are thinking because he is on adoption, he might have some problems

but no, the reason i am giving him out for adoption is that, recently i was diagnosed of

brain cancer and i need to retire to treatment, my whole family is in the UK, so i have

no one to take care and i have to retire to treatment soonest. So i am not like really

selling him for money but just giving him out to a lovely person who wants to take care

and own a horse, and i see that you would really do want to take good care of the horse.

i need to conclude the adoption quickly since i need to retire for treatment. Mack is a

really good horse and he has had dressage training. I have spent so much on him, but i

don't consider that, all that will make me fine is if he is going to a lovely home. So

please i will be glad if you answer the questions below:
have you ever owned a friesian or any horse?
Do you really love horses?
can you tell me a little more of yourself?
any other things to note about you?

Thanks for taking time and resource to adopt Mack, i will get back to you, if i count you

the right person to adopt Mack.
sorry if i had some mistakes in my e-mail, my eyes are going bad too.

07-14-2010, 06:10 PM


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One Trust / http://www.1trustshippers.com
One Trust (Pet Scam Fraud)
http://www.1trustshippers.com / 1trustshippers.com Dead Yola
http://www.1trustshippers.com/online-payment.php =====> Phishing Dead Yola
(+1) 912-376-6741 / (912) 376-6741
(+44) 7031875774 / (+44) 07031875774 / 44 07031875774 / 44 7031875774
Creation Date: 31-mar-2010
Expiration Date: 31-mar-2011
Leenutaphong, Panicha julio.maxi@yahoo.com
31/1 sukhumvit 34 10110 kate long tan
bangkok, bangkok 10110
09-22-2010, 07:28 AM


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Fly Pet Shippers / http://www.flypetsshippers.page.tl
Fly Pet Shippers (Cameroon Pet Scam Fraud)
http://www.flypetsshippers.com.nu Dead ======> http://www.flypetsshippers.page.tl Dead
http://www.flypetsshippers.page.tl/O...REDIT-CARD.htm >>>>> Phishing Dead
07055164649 / +44 7055164649
1 912 376 6741 / (912) 376 6741

Western Union payment information
ZIP CODE: 00237
Scam site;
UK 07023063676 OR 07031886674
US AND CANADA +1 870-210-8390
http://www.alibaba.com/member/us1167194 ... tinfo.html
Contact Information
Contact Person: Mr. Gavin Kim
Company Name: Gavin and Son
Street Address: little rock AR
City: little rock
Province/State: Arkansas
Country/Region: United States
Zip: 71223
Telephone: 501-476-0338

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