Tamanji Martin Suh, presently in Dubai, UAE

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Tamanji Martin Suh, presently in Dubai, UAE


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:25 pm

Tamanji Martin Suh

Scammer's known aliases: Mohamed Bah , Martin Bah, Lord Martin, Mohammed Jallo, Jalla Com Llc, Forche Collect, Smallord, Mr.Lucas Che Fru, Tony Sheiban, Mr. Martin Suh, Leticia Puka, Martins Tamas, longman Kulu, Emmauel Che, Mr. James Doh

Scammer's known email addresses: mbah2008@yahoo.com, jallacomllc@gmail.com, tonysharban@yahoo.com, info@trinityventuresltd.com, mohamedbah1@yahoo.com, fellylopez2007@yahoo.com, tamasuh@juno.com, marsuh20@myway.com, cutebullies@gmail.com, bojofarm@fastermail.com, antiquit@softhome.net, camshipsonline@gmail.com

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 23770935346, 23733133851, 23733077697, 23777949045, 2373322850, 23775192290, 23796781759, 23733133925, 919700516119, 919573602008, 440-356-9456

Main scammer picture:

Personal profile link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...528865&sk=info

Profile screenshot: ImageImage

Personal profile link

http://www.tamasuh.vze.com redirects to http://www.lord.esmartbiz.com
Profile screenshot

Profile information

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= ... 65&sk=info
Martins Dollar
In a relationship
Basic Information
About Martins The Prophet (sallallahu alaihe wasallam) has said. "There is a piece of flesh in the body, if that is good the whole body is good, and if it is corrupt the whole body is corrupt, and that is the heart."
Interested In Men and Women
Relationship Status In a relationship
Sex Male
Contact Information
Address naif road deira
00971 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email tonysharban@yahoo.com

http://www.tamasuh.vze.com redirects to http://www.lord.esmartbiz.com
BOX 588,
E-MAIL: marsuh20@myway.com
CELL (237)7794-90-45 / 77949045
Copyright © 2005, 2006 LORD MARTIN, Inc.
My family Back ground history.
I was born in to the family of Mr. & Mrs Tamanji in the Year 1984.I is the 2nd in a family of five. I have four lovely brothers, my mother and dad. My mom loves me much, my dad too..

I had my primary and secondary education in Kumba, Meme division, South West Province, and then moved up to Bishop Rogan College Minor Seminary for My secondary education.
Am in the University college of Technology doing Cisco. I love music, singing, playing computer games and more of driving...I also loves hacking...wow i like humor...

Same address used in this orphan scam
P.O.Box 588.Bomaka Buea,South West Province,Cameroon.
Scam link : http://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/view ... p?p=177557
Scam text/format

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2005
female African Grey Parrot For Sale
I am a breeder located in cameroon, having a very beautiful African grey of 6 months old for sale. the beauty of this bird by name yuyu lies in its ability to say over 2000 english wards, to whistle songs.This grey is handraised, have been vet checked, deworm , is of good temperament and has an excellent pedigree.This grey is just the best bird any one can think of having.I giving this bird alongside a one year health guarantee.interested buyers should contact me for more information using my cell number +2377949045.or e-mail me at tamasuh@myway.com

Scam link : http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/sho ... 634&page=2
Scam text/format

Contact Person: Mr.Martin
Address: #18A Off Beach Road-Limbe, Republic Of Cameroon
City: Limbe
Country: Cameroon
Phone: +237 7949045
Fax: +237 3322850
Mobile: +237 5192290
---numéro de téléphone ci-dessus utilisé dans le pet scam web site ci-dessous---
English Bulldogs Puppies For Sale (Cameroon)
(011237) 7949045
Thomas and Leticia, Ikiliwinidi Manfe,Cameroon.

Scam link : http://www.pets-breeder.com/bird/Arkans ... r-sale.php
Scam text/format

Female African Grey parrot For sale Cameroon. A pair of African Grey parrot For sale. Ad Martin Tamanji by: 2377949045 Cameroon Buea

Scam link : http://www.manufacturer.com/trade/i9562 ... +Wood.html
Scam text/format

Company Name: Bojocam Wood Enterprises Ltd
Address: BOmaka Buea,South West Province,Cameroon Buea 00237, South West Province Cameroon
Tel: 002377949045
Contact Person: Mr. Martin SUh
http://www.trinityventuresltd.com (text copied from legit CDCcameroon)
Trinity Ventures Ltd is an Agro-Industrial Complex that grows, processes and markets tropical export crops.
It operates in Cameroon in the Central African sub-region. It's operations management is directed by a General Manager and governed by a Board of Directors also headed by a Chairman.
Currently, its plantations cover a total of approximately 38,000 Hectares of land and constitutes a workforce of over 9,000 employees making it the second highest employer after the state of Cameroon.
OIL PALM 7.Plantations constituting 16,000 Ha and 2 Processing Mills
The General Manager
Mr.Lucas Che Fru
Trinity Ventures Ltd Head Office
No. 1-4 pound Road, Njinikom,
Wom Mechum-Division
North West Province
Republic of Cameroon
Tel:.......(+237) 3313 3851 / 33133851
Fax: ......(+237) 3307 7697 / 33077697
Power By Lord Martin - © Copyright 2008 Trinity Ventures Ltd Cameroon.
Exclusive Worldwide Wholesale & Retail Distributor of Spike99, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Spice Arctic & Tropical Synergy, Spice Silver, Spice Genie, eX-ses, & Spicey XXX
Power by Lord Martin - Smallord
Here's another site of scammer Martin Suh Tamanji when in India he adopted the name MOHAMED BAH / Bah Tamanji
http://www.mysystemss.com/contact.html (site has been removed)
MOHAMED BAH & FELICITAS SAMA Malipally Secundrabad,Grace more Appartment,Street 6. India
E-MAIL: mohamedbah1@yahoo.com fellylopez2007@yahoo.com. CELL (+91) 97005 16119 (+91) 95736 02008.
WHOIS mysystemss.com
My System Line
Tony Sheiban (tamasuh@juno.com)
16938 Pearl Road
Tel. +001.14403569456
Company Name: Charity Brothers Enterprise
Address: Box 588, Bomaka Buea, Buea, South West Province, Cameroon
Tel: 237--794 9045
Fax: 237--794 9045
Zip Code: 00237
Contact Person: Mr. Martin Suh
Kinkajous for sale
Cell: (237)7949045 e-mail: bojofarm@fastermail
wonderful female boxer puppy for adoption
Contact: Leticia Puka
Phone: (00237) 7949045
flooring Wood From West Cameroon
Bojocam Wood Enterprise Ltd
Mr. Martin
Company Name: Bomaka woodwork CIG
Company Profile : this is a company for the exportation of timber logs and other woodwork.
Address: Bomaka buea
Country or areas: Cameroon
Contact Person: Martin
Telephone: 002377949045
Post Date: Dec.27,2007
Hms 1-2 scrap metals,
Company Name: Be Good Ventures Ltd
Address: Baffoussam-Cameroon, Baffoussam, Far North Province, Cameroon
Tel: 237-77949045
Contact Person: Mr. Martins Tamas
Country: Cameroon
Contact Person : longman Kulu
Company Name : Longman scraps S.A
Postal Address : Kulu Enterance,P.M.B 658
Phone(s) : 237-237-77949045
Be Good Ventures Ltd
Name: Emmauel Che
Phone: +23777949045
This confirms he was in charge of that phone number as far back as 2005
* Posted: Nov 08 05 12:29 PM
am also new and from cameroon.i m having a good number of quality antiquities but do not have a good market to sell them.if any body has any good buyer he or she can call my cell number 2377949045 or e-mail me at antiquit@softhome.net
http://ask.alibaba.com/Q/800077541-Afri ... s.html?p=2
Martins Tamas
Mile 16 Road-Bolifuba, Republic Of Cameroon
Buea , Cameroon
Phone : +237-7794 9045, +237-9678 1759
Fax : +237-3382-2850
Reason : All Support documents were verified and found to be fake. Absolutely fantastic correspondence, prompt replies and excellent pricing, too good to true. Scams for advance Money to get Export Permit.
Other scams connected to this thief's web sites
http://www.alibaba.com/member/cm1080487 ... tinfo.html
Exportcam Trader Limited
Mr. James Doh
Here's another site using that phone number
Tel: (237)33133925
Fax: (23733133925
A couple of months ago, his hi5 showed...
I was born in to the family of Mr. & Mrs Tamanji in the Year 1984.I am the 2nd in a family of five. I have four lovely brothers, my mother and dad. My mom loves me much, my dad too..
I had my primary and secondary education in Kumba, Meme division, South West Province, and then moved up to Bishop Rogan College Minor Seminary for My secondary education.
Am in India doing MCSE ( Mirosoft Certified System Engineer) and Cisco (CCNA + CCNP) with GEMSTECH INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADVANCE ENGINEERING, SCIENCE & IT . I love music, singing, playing computer games and more of driving...I also loves hacking...wow i like humor...

More About My Wife Felicitas Sama (Felly Lopez).
Felly Lopez is my fianc, she is 21yrs of age presently attending school in india she was introduced to me by my friend Richard ( Bobisqo ).she is sure a lovely girl,pretty and very good looking. My friend Richeal loves her and so i love her best.
Felly Lopez Studies GEMSTECH INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADVANCE ENGINEERING, SCIENCE & IT India and is a very good in singing Hip Hop songs ,she is very much caring and i think this is the best woman i have ever had in my life. She is the girl of my dreams and my love for her will never die..She promise to also love me till the end.
"Felicitas/Felicity Sama, aka Felly Lopez"
Felly Lopez has deleted her hi5 profile http://www.hi5.com/friend/p360738469--k ... 2007--html owever she'd still in the index http://hi5.com/friend/sitemap/k--454290 ... ange--html
Name felicity felly-lopez
Date of birth 05/08/1988
Location Buea (Sud-Ouest)
CameroonNative language English
Company UAC
Profession Manager of a Cyber (Manager)
kelly lopez i dislike her so much
this is a scam right. same stories from caroom or some country in africa. i can tell because of the bad spelling and the photos. whoever got these emails too. do you think this is a scam?
i ma very sorry for the late response. i really do appreciate the interest you have in adopting my pets and i do believe your home will be the right home for them because i love them so much and it is hard on me giving them out. I am giving Lola and Molly out because i work for the Christ Orphange Center,so we just Moved to Cameroon to help the Orphans living over here so we ....237-7429-2984
http://blogg-erton.blogspot.com/2009/08 ... oocom.html
Kelly Lopez kellylopez56@yahoo.com
from Kelly Lopez kellylopez56@yahoo.com
subject Re: Free Talking African Grey Parrots
Thanks for the mail and the Interest you have towards My african grey Parrots For Adoption,they are all vet checked and D.N.A tested and well Socialized birds even with other house pets,their names are Lola and Molly and they are very Intelligent Birds and will make a very nice home companion,i would be willing to take $280..
Tamanji Martin Suh is currently in Dubai using mtamanji@yahoo.com while his wife Felly-Kelly Lopez is still in India


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Re: Tamanji Martin Suh, presently in Dubai, UAE


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:32 pm

It has been said that scammers never stop scamming no matter the opportunities they are given since greed is the dominating factor, here's a perfect example. Mohamed Bah a.k.a. Mohammed Jallo who is none other than scammer Martin Suh Tamanji. This criminal has been fortunate to live in several countries such as India and United Arab Emirates all paid for by money stolen from his victims, and where he seized those opportunities to continue scamming his non-delivery advance fee frauds. He is now back in Cameroon, however it's a given that if this career criminal is ever given employment anywhere including Cameroon, he will use his position to further his criminal activities as he has repeatedly done in the past.

Here's his latest CV...
http://www.docstoc.com/docs/125918871/C ... dence-BUEA
posted: 8/7/2012
Curriculum Vitae
Mobile: (237) 70935346
E-mail Address: mbah2008@yahoo.com
It's no surprised that his latest phone number connects to more scams, here's one posted just weeks prior to posting the above CV:

http://qatarad.wordpress.com/2012/03/25 ... -powder-2/
March 25, 2012
Name: Mohammed Jallo
Nationality: Cameroon
Email: jallacomllc@gmail.com
Mobile No. +23770935346
http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/Comp ... yId=314349
Company Jalla com llc
Contact forche collect
Email jallacomllc@gmail.com
Tel 237 77 7997988
Country Cameroon
http://www.gitc21.net/local/RequestProc ... 0016998369
We have available SSD solution, vectrol paste, activation powder, anti-air powder, for cleaning black notes, red notes, green notes, white notes, stained notes, stamped notes and also coded notes We also melt frozen chemicals in our laboratory and our services are professional. We have automated money developer machines which are used to develop white money and defaced bank notes of all currencies. We have special technicians from the bureau of printing and engraving in the Federal Reserve with much experience who can render this service professional
contact info
Company : Jalla Com Llc
Address : jeanil street Manfe South west region Cameroon
Phone : 237 76 8767575
Homepage : http://jallacomllc.en.ec21.com/
Contact : Collette Forche
Company Name Jalla Com LLC
Contact Person Forche Collect
Company Address 766 STREET
Country/Region Cameroon [CM]
Zip Code 00237
Mr. Forche Collect
T: 237 77 8786866

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