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Exposures for 419 Scammers in Nigeria
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Onabolu Banto


Unread post by Secret Squirrel » Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:24 pm

Onabolu Banto


Scammer's known aliases: Javarizer, Webmatics Solutions, Portculis Resources, Portcullis Group Limited,

Scammer's known email addresses: onabolubanto@gmail.com, onabolubanto@yahoo.co.uk, info@webmaticsng.com, honourbholu@gmail.com, webmatics@gmail.com, info@portculis.com,

Scammer's known telephone numbers: 2348074665617, 2347032747333, 2347034844229 23418237927, 2348056272860, 2348168811099, 2348091514615, 2347025504214

Personal profile link: http://www.facebook.com/javarizer

Profile information: Onabolu Javarizer Banto
Studied at University of Lagos, Nigeria
Lives in Lagos, Nigeria
It's complicated
Knows English, Français, Yoruba, Spanish, Italian
From Lagos, Nigeria
Born on October 21
University of Lagos, Nigeria
High School
Bols International College
Bols International College
Religious Views love God, love urself then ur neighbours
Political Views Its our money, lets all share it...
Favorite Quotations Without psychoanalysis, one would neva know that when you think a thing, the thing we think is not the thing we think. We think, but only the thing that makes us think the thing we think we think we think.
Opportunity neva knocks @ a man's door twice, ...BUT....there's always a door bell
Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
You can fool some people all of the time, and All of the people some of the time, But you can fool all of the people all of the Time... Abraham Lincoln
About Onabolu Live your life... One day @ a time.
If you cant be a star in the sky, be a candle in the house.
Am allergic to things that dont make sense...
BB PIN: 2261373E
Come closer and i'll tell ya...
+234 8074665617 Mobile
Screen Names
onabolubanto(Yahoo! Messenger)
onabolubanto@yahoo.co.uk(Yahoo! Messenger)
Facebook http://facebook.com/javarizer

IP addresses:

Onabolu Banto
@onabolubanto Lagos - Nigeria
Programming, Web Solutions, Web Design, IT consultancy, Networking...BB PIN: 2261373E
Onabolu Banto
Owner, Webmatics Solutions
Current Owner at Webmatics Solutions
Education University of Lagos
Connections 23 connections
Websites Company Website http://www.webmaticsng.com/
Onabolu Banto's Experience
Owner - Webmatics Solutions
Information Technology and Services industry - Currently holds this position
Onabolu Banto's Education - University of Lagos

2, Lateef Jakande Rd.,
Opp. Wempco Rd.,
Ikeja- Lagos.
Phone Phone: +(234) 80 7466 5617, +[#FF0000](234) 70 3274 7333[/COLOR], +(234) 70 3484 4229 FaxTel: +(234) 1 823 7927
WWW Link Website: http://www.webmaticsng.com
Email Email: info@webmaticsng.com
Domain name: webmaticsng.com
Administrative Contact:
Webmatics Solutions Limited
Onabolu Banto ( mailto: honourbholu@gmail.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
201 alcan drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Onabolu Banto setup web-matics.net...
to be used as a name server for at least 30 domains that we know of, and every single one of them without exception are frauds. Here's the list below, many of them are job scams targeting the unemployed in African countries.
Every single domain using Onabolu Banto's web-matics.net as a name server are frauds. Here's an even longer list of scam sites setup by Onabolu Banto and his accomplices http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t= ... 4b56f0011e

web-matics.net was registered with a fake address.
Domain name: web-matics.net
Registrant Contact:
Webmatics Solutions limited
Onabolu Banto ()
201 alcan drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Administrative Contact:
Webmatics Solutions limited
Onabolu Banto ( mailto:webmatics@gmail.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
201 alcan drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
[#FF0000]234) 70 3274 7333[/COLOR] used on Onabolu Banto's web site webmaticsng.com is also used in these frauds...
Portculis Resources Limited
Contact Address
11/13 Fadunsi Ave.,
Ogba - Ikeja,
Lagos -Nigeria.
Tel: +[#FF0000]234-703-274-7333[/COLOR], 234-805-627-2860, +234-816-881-1099, +234-809-151-4615
E-mail: info@portculis.com
Website: http://www.portculis.com
Portcullis Group Limited
Company Overview
Portcullis Group Limited which has developed into one of the foremost market leaders in the field of trading services and was incorporated in 2007. We have also been in the export and import business for quite some time with a good track record with our buyers overseas. We provide under the good leadership of the management and a team of motivated staffs. Our team consists of high profile players in the import and export business of track records with our overseas buyers of various commodities.

We are one of the experienced trading companies in Benin. Our experience and good relationships with leading trading companies helps to enhance our ability to generate and consolidate in a low and peak season.

We are in the major business of unique products like Hardwood Charcoal, Argo allied products, Cashew Nuts, Ginger, Chili Pepper, Cotton, Cassava (Pellets), Dried Hibiscus Flower, Garlic, Leather, Yam Flour, Topaz precious stones, and Gum Arabic. As a general trade agent we handle several tons of these products per annum to various countries worldwide.

We are a seasoned trade company who has vast experience in the international trade with Europe, Asia, Middle East and beyond. We are thoroughly familiar with the terrains of the import and export market business. As a core competent service partner in the trading sector, Portcullis Group Limited offers to develop, improve and sustain brand values for our intended clients, using, relevant techniques including our seasoned sales staffs to reach our numerous clients.

Our vision is to be the first, the preferred and indispensable service provider to clients to make them major players in the integrated trading sector. Our mission is also to be an out reach for the global citizenry through perfect workmanship inspired by the zeal for excellent creativity and service for the success of our clients. Our values are to capitalize on a change created opportunities presented by changing markets, changing trends, changing clients requirements and consumer preferences to develop, improve and sustain brand values for our clients and enhance their profitability and satisfaction.

We are in the major business of unique products like Hardwood Charcoal, Argo allied products, Cashew Nuts, Ginger, Chili Pepper, Cotton, Cassava (Pellets), Dried Hibiscus Flower, Garlic, Leather, Yam Flour, Topaz precious stones, and Gum Arabic.
Corporate Website: http://www.portcullisgrouplimited.com
Year Established: 2007
Number of Employees: 1-50
Total Annual Sales Volume: $1 Million - $10 Million
Contract Manufacturing if Applicable: OEM Manufacturing
Contact Person: Mr Mohammed Sijuade
Phone Number: [#FF0000]2347032747333[/COLOR]
Moblie Phone: 2347025504214
Country: Benin
State/Province: Port Novou
City: Cotonou
Street Address:
11, Jean Perrir Avenue
Details of the portculis fraud are posted here: http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/sho ... p?p=140416

in a subfolder of web-matics.net itself are remnants of a re-shipping scam...
Hello. Welcome To Apace Logistics Company. Your one stop courier service.
For inquiries, press 1. For tracking packages, press 2. To speak with an agent, press 3. To end this call at any point. Just hang up. Inquiries Track packages Speak with agent Transfer call
To get the details about your package, enter your six digit tracking and press the hash key to end.
Please enter your six digits tracking number and press the hash key to end.
Please hold while we connect you to one of our agents. Sorry, all our customer agents are currently attending to other clients. Kindly record you message after the beep and we will get back to you.
Please record a message after the beep. Thank you. Your message is:
Please Hold While We Transfer Your Call The line is busy, Please Try Again Later. We Are Unable To Transfer Your Call At The Moment Please Try Again Later.
web-matics.net did act as a name server for a re-shipping fraud...
http://www.malwareurl.com/ns_listing.ph ... matics.net
zohraex.com - ns3.web-matics.net => - Re-shipping fraud 2011-08-13
This is the current entry page of server2.web-matics.net
This site is
Temporarily Unavailable
Check Back Later or Contact Us:: contactus@webmatics-ng.com
Both webmatics-ng.com and webmaticsng.com where registered with a fake address. - webmatics-ng.com now dead, was another creation of Onabolu Banto
webmatics-ng.com whois ran out - here is a copy of the original whois registration
http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... =firefox-a
Domain Name: webmatics-ng.com
Expiration Date: 2011-09-09
Creation Date: 2010-09-09
Last Update Date: 2010-09-09
Name Servers:
See webmatics-ng.com DNS Records
Hosts?: ns1.webmatics-ng.com, ns2.webmatics-ng.com
Domain name: webmatics-ng.com
Registrant Contact:
Webmatics Solutions Limited
Onabolu Banto ()
201 alcan drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Administrative Contact:
Webmatics Solutions Limited
Onabolu Banto (Email Masking Image@gmail.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
201 alcan drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Technical Contact:
Webmatics Solutions Limited
Onabolu Banto (Email Masking Image@gmail.com)
Fax: +1.5555555555
201 alcan drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Status: Locked
Name Servers:
Creation date: 09 Sep 2010 21:16:00
Expiration date: 09 Sep 2011 16:16:00


Nigerian scammer Onabolu Banto

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Re: Onabolu Banto


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:26 am

Received from scammer Onabolu Banto
Name: Onabolu Banto
Email: javarizer007@gmail.com
Subject: Concerning a post on your website

To whom it may concern, my name is Onabolu Banto. I was reffered to this link by a top client of mine, a registered business in Nigeria, concering a post on your website: http://www.419scammersexposed.com/datab ... .php?e=279. This is absolutely preposterous, absurd and a murder of personality. I run a web hosting, web designer, and web domain registrar, i have built site for registered and verifiable businesses in Nigeria. My company, Webmatics Solutions is fully registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria(BN 2147248) with a website: http://www.webmaticsng.com. Why would anyone post personal details of me online declaring me as a scammer!

Contrary to all your claims, the websites mentioned at these links are sites that i provided professional hosting and domain registration for after making an undisclosed amount to my business account, and I have business references. I am in no way fraudulent and I have taken down websites that are deemed as fraud. Most of those I provide domains/hosting services make orders online and make payments into our account. Therefore, I dont know them personally. Where I thought I went wrong was using my details as the whois info, which I didnt initially think was inappropriate.

I run my company(Webmatics Solutions) like any other businesses. We are a reputable company and we take down any site suspected to carry out fraudulent activity. I have been contacted by aa419.com on several occassions concerning a few of the sites on our server and we have, within 24hours, terminated those accounts. As such, we have a good understanding.

You guys should know better that fraudsters tend to keep their operations anonymous, you guys have given a new kind a fame on the internet. We could be looking at a class action law suit here if nothing is done to this post, as this post affects the registered, legitimate businesses websites on my server and my personality. I am ready to provide you with any information that you need and that you think will help in validating my innocence. You should understand me.

I plead and implore that scrutinity be done on the justification of me and my business, and that this post be removed. Once again, I am ready to provide you with any information you might need to justify my claims. I promise that, I will henceforth, request for valid ID card and details of the clients I host and use their details as whois. So that whenever a report is made, I'll forward their details to you, at their derison.

I hope to read from your soonest.
Registered or not is irrelevant, your server at web-matics.net was setup by you to be used "exclusively" as a nameserver for fraudulent domains, that's hardly an accident or a coincidence.

The details are all posted above, I suggest you re-read it as it includes your webmatics contact phone number used directly in some of these frauds, something you conveniently left out.

All details posted here are factual and verifiable and that includes the 30 domains you setup for criminal activities, which include fake banks, fake law firms, fake investment sites, fake finance companies, fake hotel web site, fake commodity web sites and most despicable of all, 8 fake United Nations web sites used in job scams targeting the unemployed on several continents including Africa. Your claim that you setup all those without knowledge that they where frauds is not only preposterous, it confirms you as a criminal.

That comfortable lifestyle you so enjoy was paid for with money stolen from innocent victims, many of whom are unemployed Africans who wanted nothing more than to find a job, so you can stick you threats where the sun don't shine, this thread will not be removed.

Nigerian scammer Onabolu Banto

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Re: Onabolu Banto


Unread post by Caped Crusader » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:29 am

Here is just one example of the numerous fake United Nations web site setup by this thief Onabolu Banto... http://unswc.org/ complete with the official United Nations logo


These criminals tricked a number of legitimate societies and universities into posting their scam offer in PDF format on their site. Here's an exert...
The United Nations Social Welfare Commission (UNSWC) is an organisation promoting social development across the world. It provides substantive support to Governments in developing policy measures and initiatives to promote inclusive "societies for all", where each individual has rights and responsibilities regardless of economic status (poverty), social status (gender, marital), specific age group (older persons, youth), disability or cultural or religious affiliation. The aim is to ensure that individuals and
communities are enabled to participate in society and contribute to national development while enjoying
basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Commission also provides support in the area of social assessment, promoting training and research
in participatory methodologies designed to enhance development planning and evaluation, and to build
capacity to implement and monitor socially sensitive policies. The Commission is working to develop
cross-sectoral approaches that link development activities in a holistic manner, and works in close
cooperation with United Nations regional commissions, funds, programmes and specialized agencies.
We presently require the services of resourceful, experienced and dynamic candidates for the following
positions listed below:-

Within limited delegated authority, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring smooth day to day functioning of the walk-in-clinic at the UN Medical Facility and arrange appointments for medical exams of mission personnel.

Design and implement outreach programs for mission personnel. Liaise with local hospitals to secure treatment of staff in these facilities preventive and promotive medical programs. Conduct medical orientation for incoming mission staff. Arrange first aid training for mission personnel. Prepare monthly medical reports. Medico

Administrative Duties: Assist the Chief Medical Officer in coordinating medical evacuations/repatriations Identify supplies and equipment requirements for the clinic and with approval of the Chief Medical Officer raise requisitions accordingly. Liaise with the Procurement Supply section for this. Provide support to the satellite clinics and ensure regular medical supplies. Supervisory Duties: Supervise the nursing staff at mission headquarters and satellite clinics to ensure smooth functioning of the clinic. Assist the Chief
Medical Officer in preparing Performance Appraisal Reports of nursing staff in the clinic. Ensure periodic upgrading of medical skills of nursing staff. Perform other related duties as required.
Competencies Professionalism: Knowledge and experience in clinical nursing. Planning and Organising: Ability to establish priorities and to plan and coordinate own work plan. Commitment to continuous learning: Initiative and willingness to keep abreast of new skills in the nursing field. Technology Awareness: Knowledge of relevant medical software packages. Teamwork: Good interpersonal skills; ability to work in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. Communication: Ability to write in a clear and concise manner and to communicate effectively.
Registered Nurse who is a graduate of either an accredited Baccalaureate Nursing Programme (University) or an accredited Diploma Programme (4 years). Certificates in ECG, CPR or Basic Life Support is an asset.
Work Experience
At least 5 years of experience in the general nursing/intensive care with some experience in health
administration. Experience of UN peace keeping operations and familiarity with relevant UN administrative
policies and procedures is highly desirable.
Fluency in spoken and written English or French; knowledge of a second official UN language is an advantage and sometimes a requirement. Fluency in the local language may be essential.
Other Skills
Depending on professional background, experience and family situation, a competitive compensation and
benefits package is offered. Annual salary ranges between US$125,000.00 to US$230,000.00 for respective positions.
Interested and qualified applicant should send their detailed Resumes/Cvs to jobrecruitment@unswc.org. Only
Applicants considered for employment will be contacted.
Dr. Thomas Bhuller
Recruitment Officer,
Social Welfare Commission.
Two UN Plaza, 21st Floor,
NY 10017, New York.
Nigerian criminal Onabolu Banto

Fake United Nations job offers are not the only job scams from this scammer, he also setup this fake Hilton Hotel site for the same purpose of stealing from the unemployed.

Millennium Hilton Hotel
© 20011@millenniumhiltonhotel.com. Tel: +44-7017042951 Fax: +44-2079500699

Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Human Resources Manager, Director Of Catering And Conference Services, Guest Services Manager, Restaurant Manager, Engineers, Services Driver, Telephone Operators, Room Services, Food & Beverages Manager, House Keepings, Security Officers, Computer Graphic Designer, Restaurant Manager, Convention Service Floor Supervisor, Bell Person, Clerk Attendant, Store Manager, Various Restaurant Positions, Bar Attendance, Hall Manager, Director Of Rooms, Bartender/Pool Attendant, Assistant Executive Steward, Yoga Doctors , Purchasing Manager, Director Of Banquets, Group Reservation Coordinator, Steward, Front Desk Officers, Shift Manager, General Auditor, Leader In Rooms Division, House Keeping Supervisor/ Mail Dispatch Officer, Parking Attendant, Steward Supervisor, Receptionist, Secretaries, Secretary To The Directors. Head Of Legal Departments. Administrative Manager, Doctors / Nurses / Pharmacist Engineers In Our Engineering Department, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Xerographic Technicians, Computer Technicians, Programmers, Software And Hardware Engineers, Industrial Engineering , Chartered Accountant Etc.....

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