Nigerian scammer Ilori Evans Johnson (Илорская Эванс), under arrest in Russia

Exposures for 419 Scammers in Nigeria
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Nigerian scammer Ilori Evans Johnson (Илорская Эванс), under arrest in Russia


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Nigerian scammer Ilori Evans Johnson (Илорская Эванс), under arrest in Russia
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Evans Ilori
Worked at Abbey Distiller
Studied at Балтийский государственный технический университет
Past: University of Lagos, Lagos and eko boys high school
Lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia
From Abeokuta
Google Translation...
In St. Petersburg detained a citizen of Nigeria Ilori Evans Johnson , who is suspected of large-scale Internet fraud , the report said GU MVD Russian region.

Employees of the department to combat crime in the sphere of computer technologies GU MVD suspect 30 -year-old Nigerian in the newsletter by e-mail messages that talked about that a citizen , allegedly received an inheritance , but to obtain it is necessary to transfer the money to a certain email account .

These spam messages are not uncommon , and probably at least once they get any of the Internet users. According to the report , sometimes it leads to the loss of not only money, but also life.

" Not long ago, a couple from St. Petersburg , permeated with sympathy for the author of another such letter , supposedly in need of funds for the decoration of his inheritance , transferred to an unknown imposter more than 100 thousand dollars, and the fraud was discovered , between spouses scandal in which his wife dealt husband fatal stabbing "- note the police .

According to the police , to the tragedy has an indirect relationship and delayed . Another victim of trusting online fraudster listed on various e-mail accounts over a million rubles and $ 2560 . And when I realized my mistake went to the police . Thus , the police came to the Nigerian national Ilori Evans Johnson.

During the search , which took place on the eve of October 12 , at the Nigerian seized " a fake passport in the name of Joe Egan , as well as 10 cell phones with SIM cards of different operators , including the one with which the negotiations were conducted with the victim ; 2 bank cards, passbooks 3 , laptop with electronic correspondence with victims and other persons , including accomplices . "

In addition , police obnaruzheli money orders, fake checks , documents, handwriting samples , blanks for making death certificates , magnetic media , mobile modems , data of the injured persons . Found that delayed for 7 years living in St. Petersburg.

" To find potential victims , he apparently used the database of electronic boxes that are in the public domain, and information from citizens placed online ads " - the report says .

A criminal case under Article 159 of Part 4 of the Criminal Code . Detainee into custody . Established by other members of the criminal group , as well as victims .

Photo :
Original articles...
Задержан нигериец, подозреваемый в Интернет-мошенничестве
мошенника в Петербурге По подозрению в крупном интернет-мошенничестве задержан гражданин Нигерии.
В Санкт-Петербурге по подозрению в интернет-мошенничестве задержали 30-летнего гражданина Нигерии. Об этом 13 октября сообщается на сайте городского ГУ МВД.
Семь лет проживающий в Санкт-Петербурге нигериец Илори Эванс Джонсон (выступавший под подставным именем Джо Эган) был задержан 12 октября в одной из квартир дома 55-1 по Шуваловскому проспекту. Суд уже избрал для подозреваемого меру пресечения в виде ареста.
У нигерийца изъяли фальшивый паспорт на имя Джо Эгана, десять сотовых телефонов, две банковские карты, три сберегательные книжки, платежные поручения, бланки свидетельств о смерти, поддельные чеки, а также ноутбук, в котором сохранилась переписка с потерпевшими и сообщниками.
По версии следствия, Джонсон рассылал по электронной почте письма, в которых сообщал, что адресат получил наследство, но для его оформления требуется некая сумма денег. Одна из получательниц письма перечислила мошеннику 100 тысяч долларов. Когда об этом узнал муж потерпевшей, начался скандал. В ходе конфликта женщина ударила мужа ножом, от полученной раны он скончался.
Другая женщина перечислила на счета троих подставных иностранцев, в том числе "Джо Эгана", в общей сложности 2560 долларов и 1 миллион рублей.
Розыск сообщников Джонсона и пострадавших от его действий продолжается.
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Description of typical West African scammer's modus operandi when infiltrating a new country...
Google translation... ... I5T_1Qhdk4
sleep until noon, eating five times a day, aimless riding purchased "Mazda". Two of them are married to Russian women already have children
Arrested "Sberbank", "Gazprom" and "EuroChem"

FLB: Economic Police, Interpol and counterintelligence hardly defused a gang of Africans talking on cell phones on rare dialects Zulu language
" Economic Security Department, Interpol, the FSB and the consequence of Petersburg in the morning on August 22 conducted a series of searches in the apartments the guests of our city, who came from Nigeria. Africans have developed online banking fraud to the heights. Over the past year and a half they stole 10 million dollars. Why the detainees had passports for unique names "Savings Bank" and "EuroChem", for which the employees of economic police took 50 cents, and it did not listen to the defendants, the journalist found "Fontanka" Eugene Vyshenkov.

Currently cabinets "Banking" department of economic security and anti-corruption Office of Research Affairs at Zakharyevskaya, 19, and one of the investigative departments GUS GU MVD on Ligovsky, 145 are filled with unusual. For the first time here see as many Africans. And dozens of them. Now, investigators have already crossed to the procedures of interrogation and identification in the framework of criminal cases for fraud on a large scale. This was the result of joint development of the semi-annual economic police, the Interpol offices in St. Petersburg and counterintelligence staff.

Fan Nigeria

The term "Nigerian letter" marks a quarter century. Even before the Internet in Russia has become the norm, the police all European countries have already taken statements simpletons who have lost large sums. It is in Nigeria - one of the poorest countries in Africa, with a population of more than Russia, was born a kind of black gypsy.

In the world of clans thrive Nigerians earning serious money on credulity. Since the late '90s in their short-list, and Russian hit. The first deception in the series dating back to the beginning of the zero-Petersburg.

Decade Nigerians fan circulate the letter from the alleged hiding afroprintsev unable to because of the unrest in their countries forward their wealth abroad, thousands of salespeople peddling emeralds and certificates on them, hundreds offer to do the implementation of US bonds during World War II, found in caves in Indonesia.

About ten years ago Nigerians were brought to St. Petersburg, millions of "dollars", covered with a special powder, well packed in their original packaging with Top Secret stamps. And in order to wash the currency needed to buy the solution thousand one hundred dollars of the same. All tricks only Google knows. However, the ending is always confirmed opinion on Alice Fox simpleton and edged weapons.

In 2005 it was awarded the spammers Antinobelevskoy Prize for Literature.

Morning arrest on August 22 showed that the dark schemes modernized and already threatened viability of major banks and commercial corporations, well-known on world markets.

Names details

The last arrest took place in two criminal cases Main Investigation Department of Research Affairs in August this year. Materials of the first talk about how a few years ago came to St. Petersburg to study at the Forestry Academy Nigerians have opened the company's website Eurochemagro, whose name is unusual like a solid Russian company "EuroChem Agro".

Then began a massive attack of the business proposals of the Western structures, which theoretically interested in getting fertilizer.

As a result, a large Spanish company Constantino Gutierres SA pecked and entered into conversation. The talks resulted in the transfer of an advance payment of 20 per cent for the next product shipped. More than half a million dollars from the Kingdom of Spain has fallen on account of the North-West Bank of JSC "Sberbank of Russia". They translated the Spanish money on details of the legal entity, which of course was called Eurochemagro. Here only took money from the Savings Bank of Nigerian physical account. Another thing is that he presented a forged passport of a citizen of Ghana. Name - Euroch, surname - Emargo.

One of our interlocutors from the capital GUEB MIA since responded to this trick: "This is exquisite. When we arrested the Moscow unit of Nigerians for the same scheme, one of them was Sber name, and last name - Bank. However, the passport is not in Ghana and Burkina Faso. " (This comment relates to the detention in Moscow in October last year for stealing nine Nigerians billion rubles from foreign firms mirror circuit described by us).

shares procedure

The second criminal case, according to our information, some regard the modified algorithm.

Africans have created fictitious companies in the West, and then translated them large sums of money, and then, using the remote banking program, were transferred to accounts in the Savings Bank branch in St. Petersburg, open, of course, such as passports. And only then they sent the bank a letter from his left organization that this transaction has been carried out without authorization.

The procedure, litigation, and Canadian Bank CIBS returned their man - Hassan Asadi 600 thousand dollars, which they previously rented in the Kalinin branch of Sberbank in the spring of this year on the Forest, 19. In this case, South Africa forged passport was issued to the master's with a name like on Gazprom.

Overall complexity

Initially signals virtuoso transfers received from Spain and Canada in the St. Petersburg branch of Interpol. Since the beginning of this year, it began boring procedure of obtaining statements and other necessary formalities. For example, the Spanish company has given power of attorney to represent the interests of their business partners from Perm, as Interpol through its channels installed other translations of foreign companies for the Russian railway sleepers, soil, anything that passed through banks of China and Malaysia.

According to experts, "banking" of Department of economic police, in total, in St. Petersburg was transferred about $ 10 million, and in the future consequence is ready to accept applications from victims from Germany and the USA. It is believed that the eminent members of the family of Saudi Arabia paid scams around half a million dollars.

Barrier Zulu

As for the operational work, the economic police helped even technical service FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. However, there were also unexpected incidents.

For example, when listening to phone the staff faced with an unsolvable conundrum philological - often figures of talking on a cell phone on rare dialects Zulu language. And even attracted translators Africanists from the Faculty of St. Petersburg State University East could only decipher the approximate meaning of the texts.

What irritated, but not discourage a sense of humor in people. For example, when the economic police detectives conducted covert filming, the video then they imposed sounds famous rapper 50Cent, and in that frame of demonstrating his leadership. Nothing offensive. Guests strolled by Peter in chains and dreadlocks. Visited the elite public house on Bolshaya Morskaya. Fifty Cent performs at this: "I shikuyu, and this money I do not mind." "Everyone liked it" - shared local history notes our source at the police head office.

World sense

According to "Fontanka", a group led by an African, whose real name is Kalavolya. One engaged in the dispatch, two passport prepared and withdraw money. Lifestyle they were idle and not rich semantic load - sleep until noon, eating five times a day, aimless riding bought "Mazda". Two of them are married to Russian girls already have children, purchased Thumbs property.

Yet, according to security officers, this group is only the St. Petersburg branch of the worldwide network of innovation followers "Nigerian letters".

Part of the money taken swindlers sent their more illustrious compatriots.
Nigeria is the third country in Africa, which has a spacecraft, and fraud in the country comes first. Then there is piracy and kidnapping for ransom.

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