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rikaandersonloancompany@gmail.com / Fake Loan Scam Fraud


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For further information on these Scams, please Read Fake Loan Scams and Never Wire Money to Strangers and Identifying Scammmers and Scam Websites!

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This is Posted by a Scammer Pretending to be a Satisfied “Customer”
Thank God when I thought that everything was finished with me. Mother Rika Rika Anderson came to save me. I am Hasna Fadlika from Jl Kebon Cau No. 125 Jarkata Indonesia. I am deeply indebted to the people I borrowed money from the gang against me and then got me arrested as a result of my debt.

I was detained for months so that I was given time to repay my debt when I was repatriated and released to go and find money to pay off all the debt I took.

I was told that there are several legitimate online creditors so I had to search because through my blog I was repeatedly fooled but when I found Mrs. Rika Anderson, CEO of RIKA ANDERSON LOAN COMPANY, God directed me to search through a blog because my meeting with mother was truly a miracle because God had seen that I had a lot of suffering so she directed me to my mother.

I applied for a loan and after a few hours my loan was processed by the Board without collateral and within four hours, I was credited with the exact amount I asked for Rp50,000,000

All of this without additional collateral just as I am talking to you now that I have been able to write off all my debts and now I have my own supermarket.

I don't need help from others before feeding or making any financial decisions. I have no business with the police anymore. I am now a woman who is independent and happy with my family. You want to experience financial independence like me, please contact Rika's mother. via WhatsApp +19147057484 or via company email: (rikaandersonloancompany@gmail.com) You cannot debate the fact that in this troubled world, you need someone to help you handle financial turmoil in your life in one way or another.

I give you the mandate to try and contact Ms. Rika Anderson at the above address so you can overcome the financial crisis in your life. You can contact me via the following email: (hasnafadlika17@gmail.com) always be positive with Ms. Rika Anderson, she will see you through all your financial challenges and then give you a new financial look.

please contact Rika's mother. via WhatsApp +19147057484 or via company email: (rikaandersonloancompany@gmail.com)

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