Where is your medication coming from?

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Where is your medication coming from?


Unread post by The Inquisitor » Wed Jul 15, 2020 4:58 pm

It is now fairly easy to buy just about anything online now. Consumers often go online looking for cheap prescription medication, particularly, when healthcare is privatized and the patient is attempting to source cheap alternatives. This in itself is an unfortunate circumstance of the world we live in and not the fault of the person buying the medication.

It goes without saying that without conducting due-diligence this can be extremely dangerous. In the best of a worst case scenario a consumer may be defrauded. In an absolutely worst case scenario that person can take a pill which may result in death or life changing side-effects depending on what the offending party fills the capsule with. Whilst I am not a medical doctor by any stretch of the imagination, I do help people to see situations when "all is not what it seems."

Below we have a website; the owner of this website is spamming thousands of blogs advertising their services. Conveniently the prices are in euros and there are phone numbers to the US and UK (VOIP of course).

A little due-diligence shows that all is not what it seems! Would you be happy knowing that this person is in fact Russian and is operating multiple websites claiming to sell the exact same product? The real reason for this is likely to be that once one website is down, there are several more available which the offender can send victims to.

Registrant Name: Pavel Demidov
Registrant Organization: Pavel Demidov
Registrant Street: ul. Majskaja, d.16, kv. 10
Registrant City: Kozelsk
Registrant State/Province: Kaluzhskaja obl.
Registrant Postal Code: 249720
Registrant Country: RU
Registrant Phone: +7.9374568765
Registrant Email: alansmitht@yandex.ru

Based on this registrant data, I ask myself two questions: if this person is running honest websites then why would they use the name "Pavel Demidov" and the email name "alansmitht". Secondly, if this is a perfectly legitimate pharmaceutical operation, why wouldn't he register the factory where these so-called drugs are being produced in the "registrant organization"?

Domains affiliated with Registrant:

Use free online domain forensic tools such as Centralops.net to find out who exactly you are buying your medication from. This could potentially save you money or even your life!

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