List of Cameroon Scammers

Exposures for 419 Scammers in Cameroon
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List of Cameroon Scammers


Unread postby Caped Crusader » Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:33 pm

Scammers are lawless, inhuman and without any pity for their thousands of victims each year, ruined, destroyed, some even driven to suicide. They have no morals, no creed, their greed is matched only by their egos and their cowardice, their God is money and the rest is strictly and pathologically irrelevant, harmful to society, stalking cockroaches hidden behind fake identities on the lookout for their next victim. They are weak because they only respond to a single motor, greed.

For an example of how despicable Cameroon scammers can be, this is a must read... Gutless Scammer Exposed here

Well known for destroying the reputation of Cameroon with their petscams and B2B scams, here is the list of Cameroon scammers who's real identities have been uncovered;

  1. Assoua Achille Brice Eteki
  2. Nzetang Victor Fombang
  3. Ebong Bao-Ewoh Kangson Baorenc
  4. Mutanga Gerald Akuo
  5. Tabot Mehdi Yigha
  6. Achankeng Daniel
  7. Mfoudoh Neba Gilbert
  8. Tembe Hilary Ngu
  9. Fokumla Dogpima Brain
  10. Nong Fuakum Primus
  11. Ndazeh Valery Nchiakeh
  12. Titus Ngu Ngu
  13. Eric the world Muhkucha
  14. Julius Esegemu Fossung Esua
  15. Tabot Kazim Tabot
  16. Ambe Tebong Neba
  17. Vally Valentine Fombe
  18. Mbaku Mark Mbaku, a.k.a. Haggai presently living in Turkey/Cyprus
  19. Arrey Tabot
  20. Mbah Solomon
  21. Neckmen Caleb
  22. Tamanji Martin Suh, presently living in Dubai, UAE
  23. Mbanyam Tah Armstrong
  24. Gabila Bertrand Banguket, presently in Thailand
  25. Agbor Davis
  26. Abdou Mumini Nuhu
  27. Jordan Carel Mbatchou Tchouta
  28. Fongon Dominic Tah, presently living in Dubai, UAE
  29. Paul Akame Nzegge
  30. Njoyim Innocent Tazano/Tazanu
  31. Ndifor Ayogoh Francis Ngancho
  32. Bibila Gideon, presently in Thailand
  33. Diense Rene Ndim
  34. Foncha Michael Foleng, presently living in South Africa
  35. Don Pelote Chi
  36. Abomo Christian Serge, previously in Malaysia, now living in the U.K.
  37. Matou Elvis Ngando, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  38. Che Collins Fru, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  39. Njume Effilo
  40. Ayafor Junior Petissok, presently living in London, UK
  41. Tse Napoleon Ntumazah, presently living in London, UK
  42. Tah Blaise Akeh, presently living in Duisburg, Germany
  43. Ayafor Trésor Zerewoh, presently living in Ussuryisk, Ukraine
  44. Ade Muamaah Junior
  45. Aleh Munde Fokam
  46. Ngwengi Konyui
  47. Tetang Armand Rémi Forbang
  48. Che Curtis
  49. Desmund Egbe Eyongkongho
  50. Che Chris
  51. Amah Bertrand Achou
  52. Atabe Njikang Epie
  53. Anthony Solomon Ozuloke
  54. Tatsa Fabrice
  55. Manyungu Fritz, presently living in Malaysia
  56. Forlemu Clovis Tendongfor
  57. Mangi Leslie Nkouweh, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  58. Donald Muban
  59. Dingbobga Melvin Sama
  60. Azeafah Alain Nzotah, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  61. Fon Nkwenti
  62. Nasabi Ebune Musonge, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  63. Mambo Yannick Mofor
  64. Kunbella Dohkea Richard
  65. Bunchu Fon Rolly Isaac
  66. Teghen Linwa Conrad
  67. Sean Namme Melvin
  68. Daniel Anjoh
  69. Akam Bertrand Fonyonga, presently living in Johannesburg, South Africa
  70. Kadji Valery
  71. Aruma Magnus
  72. Jibrilla Abubakar Nasuru, currently living in the United States
  73. Johnson Yerima
  74. Charles Maka Ebongue
  75. Ikaichek Roland Andusah
  76. Aguh Tam Tanyi
  77. Christain Mbunuh Fomusoh
  78. Bob Chango
  79. Nji Abang Collins, presently living in South Africa
  80. Petit Elvis, presently living in South Africa
  81. Fru Terence Chi, presently living in South Africa
  82. Ndakwi Achamba Emmanuel
  83. Fon Nelvis Penn
  84. Lionel Nchotu
  85. Akateh Leke
  86. Chris Cross
  87. Le Pro Ace
  88. Chi Emmanuel
  89. Bobby Isashufritz
  90. Benjy Ejolle Ngole
  91. Denco White, presently in Dubai
  92. Wanki Ngambu Jelf, presently living in London, UK
  93. Ndum Fon Joshua Tanwani
  94. Adulf Koyoh Nfor
  95. Chicks Man, presently living in Houston, TX, United States
  96. Kimbalo Steve
  97. Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi
  98. Gordon Ajen Fombo
  99. Tazem Francis
  100. Akoumbom Felix
  101. J Da KushMann
  102. Akofu Mario
  103. Kanji Eric
  104. Alain Blaise Atah Tcheguie, currently in Russia
  105. Daflex Flezi, presently in Johannesburg, South Africa
  106. Njikam Nganou Arnold, currently living in Oklahoma City, OK, United States
  107. Tanyu Nelson Ngwayi
  108. Azinwi Nche Akenji
  109. Njoh Karl Ekema, presently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  110. Tenya Isaac Ndayong, presently living in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  111. Wouashe Elvis Monkam, presently in the UK
  112. Divine Ambe
  113. Conrad Fonyuy, currently in South Africa
  114. Nchako Bertrand
  115. Mfor Hans, presently in South Africa
  116. Ekumi Otte Sakwe
  117. Fogam Soule Dinga Zacharie
  118. Ndzeka-ah Philip Forchu
  119. Akum Deklerk Amos Tangwan
  120. Koyo Frank
  121. Nkongho Fritze Agbor
  122. Blaise Ndifor
  123. Ekane Derick
  124. Da Brown Lassy
  125. Achile Slim
  126. Titi Euro
  127. Fon Lovet Anye, presently in Thailand
  128. Mbega Steven Etienne, sentenced to a 5 years prison term in Russia
  129. Paul Ojong Ndip, , currently in Ukraine
  130. Masango Atabe Ngure
  131. Elinge Daniel Ekema
  132. Ngala Emmanuel Mbuli
  134. Chamo Mofor Ngati, , currently in South Africa
  135. Diffang Bessong (a.k.a. Prince Fred Diamond) , currently in Japan
  136. Peter Fombang , currently in Ukraine
  137. Henry ABUNAW a.k.a. Bubu Dre , currently in Ukraine
  138. Stephan Nsansi , currently in Ukraine
  139. Valery , currently in Ukraine
  140. Cyrille Nnane Etah, aka Slim le Tsunamie, presently living in Budapest, Hungary
  142. Awasung Gilbert Suna, presently living in China
  143. Peter Bide Nzegge, presently living in Ukraine
  144. Abu De Prince & Aghamba Hadison
  145. Kolle Sone Mbwoge, Cameroon & Thailand
  147. Clarence Ndoh Tiku,, currently in South Africa
  148. Tawung Azem Nkeng,, presently in Turkey
  149. Doro Abu Tonado
  150. Alvin Fomum
  152. Boris Sadem Mofor
  153. BETRAND FONGOH BENGYELLA, presently in Qatar
  154. Mukong Roland Fru, presently in Thailand
  155. Charles Nganje,, presently in Ukraine
  156. MBUA ELVIS LYONGA,, presently in Dubai
  157. Bertrand Tendoh,, presently in Malaysia
  158. Tebeck Ransome Ajeck,, presently in Dubai
  159. Difack Ngueffo Alexis,, presently in Qatar
  160. SUIKA BLAISE FONJEM,, presently in Turkey
  161. Bless Ngala,, presently in Thailand
  162. NGANG NDE FRANCK GULLIT,, presently in Qatar
  163. Mbah Eugene Awah,, presently in Russia
  164. Bryant Njumbengame Kobe,, presently in Cameroon and Saudi Arabia
  165. Junior Manga Toh, a.k.a. Bonito Manga Junior

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