3 African scammers sentenced in Russia

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3 African scammers sentenced in Russia


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Name of scammesr: Oboro Emuedzhevoke Roy / Оборо Рою Емуеджевоке, Etienne Mbega / Этьену Мбегу, Sylvester Onvuka / Сильвестру Онвуке,

Google Translation:

March 19, 2014, 00:10 (MSK) | Events | "Kommersant-Online»

Africans left the Chinese company without coal
Yesterday Cheremushkinskiy Moscow court sentenced two citizens of Nigeria and one Cameroonians who were accused of large-scale fraud. Creating the internet site of "Cut Energetic", they offered different companies supply of raw materials, requiring prepayment. After receiving the money, the Africans did not fulfill their promises. As a result, the defendants received from four to seven years in prison
[COLOR="Blue"]Nigerian citizens Sylvester Onvuke[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]students of Russian Peoples' Friendship University (University) Oboro Emuedzhevoke Roy and former student RUDN Cameroonians Etienne Mbegu[/COLOR] (Mbega) consequence indicted under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed by a group of people on a large scale). Organizer gang investigators believe idle Onvuku Sylvester, who had the idea to create the internet site of "Cut Energetic". On behalf of the company at the end of 2010 was posted on the supply of foreign customers of coal, oil and petroleum products subject to absolute prepayment.
In early 2011, responded to this proposal representative of the Chinese company "Qinghai Shinhan" Gu Lin. Speculators have suggested it to deliver around 20 wagons of coal totaling $ 200 thousand Chinese manual of its part proposed to begin to put "Qinghai Shinhan" four cars of coal at $ 50 thousand during the subsequent e-mails and telephone calls, during which Africans called themselves Russian names, the parties agreed on the date of receipt at the expense of one of the schemers in the Moscow branch of Barclay Bank $ 50 thousand, as well as the delivery of coal to the Chinese. But after getting in February 2011 promised amount speculators stopped going with a Chinese firm to communicate. Gu Lin addressed first in the Railways, assuming that coal disappeared somewhere along the way, but there is nothing about such carriage is not heard. Then the Chinese wrote a statement about the theft of their funds in the TFR. Criminal proceedings were instituted.
After some time, investigators identify the suspects, in October 2012, the three were detained on removable Moscow apartments. During the searches they had discovered fake letterhead printing and Russian companies, including "Gazprom", Murmansk Shipping Company and "Rosneft". Investigators suspect that Africans could not make a scam, and the study of their e-mails suggesting that the damage from their criminal activities could reach 900 million rubles. However, to install all the victims - foreign firms - was not easy. According to "Kommersant", some of them did not wish to participate in the investigation, arguing that travel in Russia and living here will cost them not less than the amount of damages. So while the court considered only one episode.

The court admitted his guilt only Oboro Emuedzhevoke Roy, who said that he repented and gave detailed testimony. Etienne Mbega partially admitted his guilt, and Sylvester Onvuka even said that had nothing to deal with the Chinese, the victim of slander by accomplices.

Given this testimony Judge Ekaterina Sharapova appointed sentences. Emuedzhevoke received a four-year general regime colony, Mbega - five years Onvuka - seven years. The lawyer said the convict Emuedzhevoke Alan Gamazov, the question of an appeal against sentence will be resolved in the near future.

Alexei Sokovnin

http://news.mail.ru/inregions/moscow/90 ... /17443225/
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