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Nigeria / Arab cargo company / Non-Delivery Scam


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Welcome to Arab cargo company L.T.D

Attention victim
greetings to you from Arab Asia cargo l.m.d representative Arab cargo l.m.t secure delivery acting as affiliate in charge of all Arab/Asia shipment in south east Asia region, we write to inform you about package,thy discovered that the package contain a lot of valuables things and according to recent govt polices it"s now imperative that no shipment should be allowed into or out of India transit rout,unless it came with a special diplomatic delivery tag SDDT, which is not on the package, be informed that before your package can be released for shipment its therefore our legal duty to advice that you provide this document which will attract a processing fee of($780)USA dollars to secure this special diplomatic tag. you have been giving 48 hours to provide this sum. You are to make payment in the name o(NOLAND FERDINAND LUCA),Who is our officer in charge of legal matter on payment issue to the GD office address above (22,geetha building grant road Mumbai India)payment is to be made via money gram money transfer, within the stipulated time duration of 2 working days, after receipt of this information and forward payment details to this phone which includes,sender`s name, amount sent,M,T,C,N, for immediately processing of the military tag, so that we can finalize delivery of your shipment,be assured that once package have been legally tagged my office will process release=C2=A0 to commence delivery to your designated address( Ive Dullčića 31,Sesvete,Zagreb,Croatia. ) WITHIN 48 HRS,after payment,have a nice day, await=C2=A0 your notes prompt response. for more information call=3D+917387375626/+917219271885. we are glad to be of service to you, keep this office posted,thanks for your understanding, email id;

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