Nine West African Oil Scammers Arrested in Russian

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Nine West African Oil Scammers Arrested in Russian


Unread postby Caped Crusader » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:15 pm

The press service of the Russian Interior Ministry
October 24, 2012 19:40

According to the operative data, at least 900 million rubles (over 28 $million) where "acquired" by scammers from African countries, using the names of large Russian companies.

(Google translation)
In the course of a special operation conducted investigative team consisting of employees of the Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry and the General Directorate of transport Russian Interior Ministry, arrested nine people from West Africa (Nigeria and Cameroon), residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.

These activities are carried out in the investigation by the Investigation Department of the Russian Interior Ministry criminal case brought against an international team, whose members are suspected of on-line data in the theft of 900 million rubles from hundreds of foreign commercial companies that operate in the European Union, the United States and South-East Asia.

When committing fraud team members used fraudulent national passports with names and surnames, somehow in tune with the names of major Russian companies, for example, "Gazprom", "Murmansk Shibtcing Company", "Rosneft" and so on.

Simultaneously in different parts of Moscow conducted searches in seven residences suspects. Seized counterfeit printing entities, notary, false documents, computer and office equipment that was used by fraudsters to commit crimes.

Rapid development started with an address to the General Directorate of transport of the Russian Interior Ministry JSC "Russian Railways": the representation of the carrier received a letter from Chinese businessmen, angered by the fact that Russia is not fulfilling its obligations under the transportation of coal.

In turn, JSC "Russian Railways" in view of the fact that there was no contractual relationship with the Chinese businessmen were concluded, they sent a statement to the Russian Interior Ministry. Traffic police found that in December 2010, the staff of the Chinese company, interested, placed some commercial organization on the English site on the Internet, take business correspondence with the scammers.

The parties agreed to subtcly coal to the mandatory prepayment for its transportation. To pay lzhepredprinimateli sent to the customer account details, issued by a natural person, the name and surname of which were listed as JSC Railways, which translated to English means of Railways. Originally expected to receive fraudsters as a prepayment of U.S. $ 200,000, but later reduced the amount to 50 thousand dollars. In February 2011, the advance has been listed, but the coal to the customer has not acted.

Detectives and investigators have determined that the perpetrators of such a scheme operated for a long time. On the websites they were putting proposals on the implementation of various minerals and other commodities (rails, locomotives, etc.), indicating the details of non-existent commercial companies. As a way scammers contact specifies the e-mail boxes for future business correspondence, telephone, and fictitious names of the contact person. They further agreed on the subtcly of goods of prepayment, but after listing the required deposit disabtceared. Indeed, the entire "business" correspondence was conducted with the computer placed in rented Moscow apartment.

The law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation is justified believe that in this way not only the suspects committed the crime, but also abtclied reputational harm to the image of Russia as a member of international trade relations.

Cash generated by illegal means, legalized through remittances to countries in West Africa.

At present shall elect the detainees remand in custody.

The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for committing this type of crime is punishable by imprisonment up to 10 years and large fines.

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