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We do not allow registration at this time. If you want to report a scam or need help, please send details using this form. In order to help you, we need the information below. Stop sending us emails that say " I got a job offer from XXX Company, is it real?" with no other information. The same goes for any company, a name is not enough information to do research with. Read the information below and send it in with the contact form.

Please include any headers ( the From: and Reply to: portions of the header are most important, the complete headers are great). if you are sending in an email for us to see if it is a scam. learn how to find complete headers here : . Before you ask if a "company" is real or not, give unique information about it including telephone/fax #'s, physical, email, and web addresses.

If you are concerned that a job offer is fake, include the complete email message you received offering you the job and the headers (again, the From: and Reply to: lines are most important, the complete headers are great). Learn how to find complete headers here :

Please do not waste our time asking us if a company's or employer is really fake when we have already listed it as fake or ask how we know it's fake when we have provided tutorials on how to determine whether an employer or company is fake. Read this first!! Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! and Identifying Scammmers and Scam Websites!

Please include a URL if you are writing about a specific article.

Traders Note: we are not your personal due diligence company. Do not ask us "Is this company a scam?" We are not a due diligence company at all, nor do we recommend one.
See the Resources forum to help you avoid scams forum located viewforum.php?f=10 to find out for yourself if you are about to be scammed. Or you can simply hire a legitimate due diligence company and pay them for their due diligence.

We do not want or need any SEO help. Save yourself the time of sending in your crap to us.

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